Home & in her Pajamas :)

Date: April 13th, 2011


Status: Surgery Went Well

Info: Today we rolled out to Santa Rosa Memorial General for “day surgery” for Bonnie’s lymph node dissection.  That in itself is a mouthful but the good news is the weather was nice for the drive up, and as soon as we arrived we all felt good about what was about to happen.  The staff at Santa Rosa Memorial were all simply fantastic – right down to the waiting room where Margie and I spent the day watching ESPN and reading the newspapers.  Margie was smart enough to bring her own book but the first half of the day I kept her busy listening to BCP stories and getting her caught up.  It’s been sixteen years since they’ve been in each other’s company and today was the perfect place to get caught up.

A smiling Dr. Norton arrived on time and Bonnie’s last request before being sedated was to make sure the operation went well but she had to be out of the hospital in time for the 4:05 Red Sox game.  Everyone had a good laugh and then Bonnie sat there a little confused as if to say “I’m friggin’ serious!!”

The waiting room is outfitted with a master display with patients names, the surgeon, the operating room and the status of each.  Between the two of us we knew exactly when Bonnie’s status had changed to “post-op.”  It was truly nice walking into post-op and seeing her face full of color and much more coherent than after the initial surgery on 3/14.

Dr. Norton visited us in the waiting room to let us know how well the surgery had gone and that she removed a number (actual number not given)  of lymph nodes and NONE of them appeared to be suspicious.  So that’s the word we’re counting on right now. Remember if these nodes return any signs of cancer then the gifts behind Door #1 (Chemotherapy) await.  Cross your fingers everyone.  I would but I’m typing.

Thanks for all the positive energy I received from all of you today after the first broadcast text – you guys have been truly amazing with your support.  Our friend Margie is now sitting on the couch next to her old friend who is already in her “jammies.”  Margie has a a glass of chilled Chardonnay and Bonnie’s pain pump is helping her rest.

Turns out the SOX got rained out – the East coast  is having those confused days of early spring right now where Mother Nature can’t figure out if it’s still winter or spring has arrived.  So the first double-header is already scheduled – at least now the SOX aren’t swept again – by Tampa no less.

All in all a grand day.  Logan is up the street in Sonoma swimming her heart out.  The drain (singular) has returned and Bonnie is once again packing the pain pump – it all seems like old hat now that we’ve been through this cycle once already.  Hopefully this IS IT.

A member from the Genetic Counseling crew called earlier to let us know our insurance will cover the genetic testing 100% so there’s another nice bit of news we received today.

As I stated above, it’s Miller Time and I’m ready.


Keep her close you guys (and thanks again for all of your support).






4 thoughts on “Home & in her Pajamas :)

  1. The Oncotype is awesome and so telling. It gives a lot of info that’s integral to decision-making. I’m also a big fan of the pain pump. here’s to hoping that this truly is it.

  2. Best of Luck. . . But, I have a feeling that the sheer force of Papa Paul’s Positive Energy will pull you through.

    Concerning the SOX. . . maybe I’ll check out the Nationals? Seriously, this putrid start will make the victories taste sweeter.

    Hang in there,


  3. Great to hear that all is going so well. Hope Bonnie’s recovery continues like this!!!!! Sounds like your household is quite busy with all of your visitors too – very welcomed during this time, no doubt. Love to all, K–

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