Blue & Brie-covery

Date: April 14th, 2011

Time: 9:PM

Status: The subject will make sense in a minute …

Info:  What is a vacation?  We’ve all had them, we’ve all enjoyed them, picked them apart, got screwed by the airlines or received an unexpected upgrade and your bag was the first one at the carousel … whatever takes place during a vacation is not entirely on you but when it happens we can either relish it or remind ourselves not to do it again.

After a brief conversation with our visitor from UCONN after dinner tonight it’s safe to say that Margie’s bag was in fact the first one off the carousel, the airlines were on time and I can honestly say there was nothing about this visit she did not relish.

Before I get started … remember … Bonnie just walked out of Santa Rosa Memorial yesterday after a full day of surgery.  Today? She paraded Margie all over Petaluma in and out of shops, walking the streets, enjoying the sunshine, sending me text photos of wine bars they were in.  Remember a blog on this site regarding wine as the perfect medicine?  It’s still so true.

The girls had a fantastic day – now I’ve got my fingers crossed that Bonnie didn’t work herself too hard today.  We’ll learn about that tomorrow.

Tonight we met each other at LUMA – I’m not going to bother linking the restaurant to their site as I’ve done in the past and suffice it to say as Logan and I walked up to the windows and saw our two girls at their table we knew all was well.  Seeing them together – again – in that most familiar scene I gave Margie my thumbs up through the glass and walked on in.

Hello Julie!  (Our favorite bartender and wine steward in Petaluma)

Logan and I sat down with them at the booth along the window and dove right in.  The girls were working on a nice Pinot Noir from Sonoma County and then we HAD TO ORDER the brie & blue cheese fundido. We’ve been raving about this appetizer to Margie the entire time she’s been here and it’s finally arrived at our table.  I told Julie the dish had much hype to live up to and in perfect LUMA fashion – it did.  Another bottle of Pinot and some perfect entrees later I find myself telling you all how well Bonnie has recovered. Is it the wine? Is it the revolving door of friendship? Is it her inner strength? A combination of all three?

I don’t have an answer but I can tell you this – she’s doing remarkable for someone who twenty-four hours ago was trying to find a comfortable spot on the couch.  Tonight? Haven’t you been reading?

The season premiere of The Office has replaced the quietness of the living room.  Bonnie just mentioned how she ate too much and I’m guessing Margie and Logan feel the same way as the desserts of Key Lime and Chocolate pies were truly too decadent.

A perfect ending to a perfect week.  

Margie’s visit started off with a great lunch in Sausalito and ended with a great dinner in the town we call home.

Here’s hoping for safe travels back to where the Huskie reigns supreme.

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Blue & Brie-covery

  1. I had a wonderful week with my dear friends. I cherished the time spent…whether it be out to dinner at one of Petaluma’s finest, enjoying one of Papa Paul’s outstanding meals, or snuggling next to Bon on the couch while she rested. It was a week made of memories. I made a strong connection with my new buddy Logan. She is an absolute doll and I love her to pieces. I can’t wait to see Taylor again..the last time I saw her she was a little girl 🙂 Last but not least, life with LULU for the week was a hoot. I had a great time. Thank you all for everything. My prayers are with you for good news.

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