Enjoying the Peacefulness

Date: April 17th, 2011

Time: 10:AM

Status: Enjoying the Peacefulness

Info: It’s Sunday morning along the river and it’s peaceful.  No cars, no trucks, no motorhomes, no firetrucks blasting their sirens like yesterday during the big parade.  The wind through the trees makes me think there’s some precipitation coming our way, but for now it’s quiet and I like it.

Bonnie has had two surgeries since this roller-coaster ride began.  Her first one was the major event.  March 14th at Marin General Hospital.  She was home resting two days later and it was during this period when Logan and I learned to drain her “utters”, adjust her pain pump, fix her pillows, and flat-out just make her comfortable.  Her second surgery was a minor event – in and out almost at Santa Rosa Memorial.  Dr. Norton conducted a lymph node-dissection. The results of this particular surgery are still pending but upon arriving home we all had to let her find a sweet spot back on the chaise section of the couch, oh look – another drain, we’ve been there, done that – no biggy and a completely different pain pump than before.

Yesterday as we were prepping for the 3oth annual Butter & Eggs Day parade Bonnie asked me to cut the strap that holds her pain pump together – and then she did something pretty logical.  She dropped her utter right into the bag (fanny pack) the pain pump is in.  Good thinking and off we went.

This morning the first words I heard were “I’m in pain” … I grab two vicadin for her and begin to settle her down.  The pain is coming from the incision from surgery #2 near her armpit.  Am sure you can all imagine the pain associated with that area. Anyway, we take a look at her pain pump and it’s reached its’ course.  EMPTY.  Again – no biggy.  I watched Dr. Goodman remove the wiring for the first pain pump two visits ago – allow me and within a minute or two the whole pump, wiring and all was removed and the area was cleansed.  So right now all Bonnie really needs to worry about is her utter and that should be removed Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Bonnie just called down from the bedroom and said “It’s kicking in honey!” … (the vicadin) … Nice. Pillows propped up, her favorite HGTV show is one, she’s sipping the first cup of Papa’s coffee this morning and we’re sans one pain pump.

I can still smell the precipitation and have a couple of items on my agenda today.  One of them is not getting my haircut.  Took care of that mess yesterday before the Butter & Eggs parade congested our streets with 30,000 visitors.  Bonnie and I took our seats at one of our favorite wine bars and watched it all from their patio while we dined on olives, cheeses and a variety of wines.  Who needs a pain pump with all that, right?

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Peacefulness

  1. Thinking of you….hoping you can relax and enjoy the sunshine the day brings your way…What about our Red Sox??? 2 games in a row…hopefully we’ve turned the corner and things will change…ah,how sweet it is…Happy Marathon Monday!!! You know big day for Boston….Love you all….Cheryl

    • PATRIOT’S Day in Beantown. I used to love walking out of the “T” at Kenmore Square at 8:AM and looking for all The Hub had to offer. Bonnie’s doing well. Plan to generate a blog today during lunch. Love you dollface.

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