Muted in Montreal

Date: April 18th, 2011

Time: 8:00 PM

Status: Muting my Gregariousness

Info: I remember months ago when breast cancer was a 24×7 mess struggling with research, book reviews, calendar scheduling, telephonic interviews with surgeons, oncologists, friends, the family and then, of all things, a blog to write.

Today, it’s much easier.  Logan and I have a system down pat; Bonnie cooperates AND LISTENS when we tell her the kitchen is ours and she surrenders to find that sweet spot on the couch.  I’m still reading, still researching, still reviewing every book provided behind the door we’ve not yet opened, still maintaining my bride’s schedule and of course still blogging on the very same subject that started it all … and tonight, like most nights that preface our blogs, a trigger was provided.  The trigger for tonight’s blog came from the most unusual location; the very town we honeymooned in.

For three glorious weeks, during the autumn of 1988 we traveled north of the border and took the town of Montreal by storm.  We landed in the Lord Byron Manor and almost immediately upon emptying our luggage Bonnie made her first mistake of our long marriage.  There she stood overlooking downtown Rue de St. Catherine, reading a tourist magazine aloud when she uttered the words “Honey, the Bruins … “ and then stopped in mid sentence.  She realized her mistake almost immediately, and there I stood oh so attentively.  “Did you say Bruins?” … She continued her reading aloud by saying “The Bruins and Canadiens are playing while we are in town.”  Enough said.  The next stop on day one of our honeymoon?  The Montreal Forum where we purchased tickets for the B’s/Habs game – and the story that unfolded that night will have to be reserved for another blog, because tonight … with breast cancer … my wife rested on the couch while the Bruins and Canadians faced off in game #3 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Anyone who knows me realizes there needs to be a sizeable amount of wingspan on both sides when I’m watching the Bruins, and especially when they are playing the crew from Montreal.

When the Bruins bent the twine to take a 1-0 score in the first period both Logan and Bonnie realized they were in for a long night.  All of a sudden the Bruins are ahead 2-0 and I’m nowhere near comfortable.  Dinner has already been started; baked potatoes in the oven, steaks and asparagus marinating and I’ve got about 15 minutes left on the battery of my cell phone.  Texting  my buddy on Martha’s Vineyard regularly but still not relaxing.

I look to my left to find my bride is sound asleep.  Really?  This is the new torment breast cancer has brought into the house?  Clearly I can’t be myself while she rests, right? RIGHT!  I continued drinking, my heart rate was accelerated and I wanted to pull a full-on jump, jive and whale when the B’s went up 3-zip but I contained myself while Bonnie continued to sleep SO SOUNDLY there was no way I could break the silence.  I think this might be the first time I’ve said this in all my blogs but it has to be said … said out loud now that we’ve eaten, the game is over and Bonnie has bathed: “Breast Cancer sucks”

But you probably already knew that.

Bruins went on the road in Ole Montreal to silence the 22,000 habitants with a black and gold victory.  There’s still a long road to hoe, but I learned tonight that it’s possible to put the old mute button on my gregarious nature and just let the action come to me – much the way breast cancer has.

No complaints – none whatsoever.

Keep her close you guys.




3 thoughts on “Muted in Montreal

  1. This is your best post yet. I felt like I was there in the living room, watching this story unfold. I’m so glad you didn’t say that you whacked Bonnie in the chest in your exuberance. That’s where I thought the story was going, and man am I glad it didn’t.

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