Speaking of Marathons

Date: April 18th, 2011

Time: 1:30 PM

Status: Speaking of Marathons

Info: I sit here this afternoon multi-tasking like a Little League coach with the bases loaded and we’re down by a pair of runs.  Earlier this morning while running mock distress cases for the students I also had the Red Sox/Blue Jays game up on MLB.com … always loved the Patriot’s Day madness that is Boston with an early game at Fenway while thousands upon thousands line the streets  for the viewing of the Boston Marathon.  It’s days like this when I truly miss being back in The Hub.

Earlier this morning while Dice-K managed the Blue Jays lineup I was busy getting the weekend’s worth of cobwebs out of the students and hit them all with a dizzying array of vessels in distress scenarios and by the time my favorite Red Sox pitcher of all time (Timmy Wakefield) came in to close things down the students were in fact out of breath and couldn’t wait for their well-deserved lunch.

Bonnie has cancelled the scheduled appointment with her plastic surgeon down in Marin for today.  She’s still a little sore and felt it well advised to push things back a day.  It seems no matter where I am – there’s always some sort of distress situation going on, doesn’t it?  Bonnie’s really doing quite well – she’s just a little sore from the surgery last week and with the removal of the pain pump she’s handling the pain with regular doses of vicadin and some well needed rest.  With the recent visitors we’ve had in the house, followed by the big Butter & Eggs Day parade her weekend was chock full and she wants to start doing things around the house – but Logan and I are both wise to her wants.  Yesterday’s award-winning chili for a late afternoon dinner kept her out of the kitchen and while I sit here running a different distress situation with another student I’m hoping she’s upstairs in the bedroom completely relaxed and enjoying whatever her favorite television show provides.

This week she meets with the Dr. Norton who operated on her last week – and between me and you I just don’t know where the month of April has gone!! Before I know it the calendar will read SOXTOBER and we’ll be prepping for the local trick or treaters. 

With any luck at all we’ll be hearing good news regarding the pathology report from her recent lymph node dissection – this will be the discrimator on the next door we need to open.

Regardless of the distress situation I may happen to be in – I am thankful to do it with Bonnie as my base coach.  Our base runners have scored and the game is over.

Time for ice cream!

Keep her close you guys.




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