Words to Live By

Date: April 21st, 2011

Time: Middle of the Workday

Status: Words to Live By

Info: I can hear a couple of you saying … “okay Paul, so where was yesterday’s blog?” and my answer to that question is this: “Sorry”.  I picked up Logan after school yesterday and during our conversation about “cross country track” I completely forgot about the pit-stop at the local grocer for a few necessary dinner items.  My brain really is shot and I’d like to have at least part of it back – the memory part would be nice.

After returning with a bag full of berries, bread and beer I noticed Logan had already started laundry, so I filled three wine glasses with the local berries and put them back in the fridge for dessert and once I sat down – that was it!

Logan had bathed her mom yesterday afternoon, knocked out two loads of laundry, did her homework AND made dinner.  She’s a super salad maker, and last night was no exception.  Complete with blackberries and grilled chicken, the dinner was just what her two worn-out parents were looking for.

The SOX had played earlier in the afternoon and the Bruins did not have a game last night to accelerate my heart rate so with my feet up, and my wife’s head under my arm the two of us simply cocooned on the couch and let whatever television had to offer wave over us in a haze.

Am thrilled to say things are much better today.  Logan has a swim meet this afternoon, a baked chicken will await her when she returns home and then she’s off for a well-deserved sleepover with her girlfriends.  Petaluma High School has Friday and next Monday off for students so she’s all excited about the four-day weekend in front of her.  Bonnie texted me earlier to let me know the two of us will NOT be staying in the house tonight … I can only imagine what is being offered after dinner tonight.

She continues to do well with her recovery – still a little sore under her armpit where the incision from her last surgery took place, but other than that things are going well.  I’d suspect things tonight offer a dimly lit wine bar somewhere in downtown Petaluma and even though the Bruins will be facing their arch rivals in Game 4 tonight – it will do so without my knowledge. 

I’d rather share a bottle of wine with my wife than get all worked up over something I cannot control anyway.

Words to live by!

Keep her close you guys. 




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