Good Friday – Shaky Bullpen

Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Time: 9:45 AM

Status: Good Friday – Shaky Bullpen

Info: It was Good Friday yesterday.  The students were all excused from training to conduct an Earth Day clean up – and I can tell you they did not catch any slack – those kids worked their butts off clearing out, pruning, raking, and general pick up.  The campus is in excess of 8,000 acres, complete with a lake, water filtration system, archery range, rifle range and many of Mother Nature’s creatures acting as if they own the place.  Wild turkeys, mountain lions, deer, squirrel, rabbits, and ferile cats.  Oddly enough there are few, if any, stray dogs on campus – never thought about it until just now.  Anyway – the students were kept busy on Earth Day which allowed me some time to get things in order at my desk.

Homemade pizza of course was on the menu for the evening  and I have to say – it was not one of my best – mind you there are no pieces remaining, but I toyed around with an idea or two while rolling out the dough and since the main ingredients were chicken, banana peppers, green and red bell peppers and goat cheese – I really think the one thing missing that could have made it a little tastier was a layer of sauce.  We’ve been alternating between pizzas with and without sauce – and this one could have used some, but as I said, no pieces left and the girls were very nice with their compliments.

We enjoyed our pie while watching the SOX and ANGELS face off in their second meeting of this young season and our boys from Fenway kept us in the game (or on the edge of our seats) the entire game.  I don’t know what it is about the SOX and the late innings of any particular game where the confidence factor is just not there.  Jon Lester had an up and down outing last night but started to get in a groove after the 4th inning and pitched well through six … but just as most MLB teams (sans Florida) have a penchant to do – they go to their bullpen for the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.  The SOX called in this kid last night, Matt Albers who looked more like a kid that should be bagging your groceries at Stop & Shop than standing on the hill for such a proud franchise.  This is when things started to get interesting and although the Red Sox capitalized on some “Angels” in the outfield last night where their normally productive outfield created a number of uncharacteristic errors – they still managed to make a game of things as the Red Sox bullpen provided the Angels offense to put up some crooked numbers late in the game.

As we wrapped up the evening Tito’s crew closed the evening with Bobby Jenks & Jonathon Papelbon who worked in concert to retire the Angels.  The Sox record of 8 wins and 11 losses matches their 2010 record start after nineteen games.  They’re beginning to show promise at the plate but I still question removing a guy like Lester after six innings, albeit an 111 pitch count.

There’s my mini-morning rant.

I just walked upstairs to check on my bride who is still in a deep sleep and it’s now 10:AM.  NICE!  I’ve closed the french doors and the handles on each door have a hanging placard reading “TAKING IT EASY” compliments of our friend Mary’s gift when the Pajama Gram came in the mail.  So thoughtful!!

Tonight we’ve been invited across the street to Carrie and Lew’s place for some barbecued oysters.  I prefer my oysters nude (raw), but can eat my weight in them.  The Bruins of course will be on this afternoon so I’m already planning on being in a good mood, with plenty of Miller High Life already in my bloodstream before “walking” across the street.  Fingers crossed!!

The Lu-dog has a scheduled spa appointment for noon today and I could probably benefit from a trip to the recycling center and turn in another forty pounds of glass (where does it all come from????) and plastic water bottles. Will swing by Petaluma Coffee and Tea for another couple pounds of fantastic ground coffee as well.

Bonnie just woke up – the pain near the incision has subsided and her utter is ready to get removed as the amount of drained fluids is barely noticeable this morning.  Her next appointment with her Plastic Surgeon is this Tuesday … another 100 cc’s of saline, the drain removed and the next time she meets with Dr. Goodman will be to remove the plastic inserts to complete the implant.  One phase of this roller coaster ride will be finished … a meeting with her Oncologist; Dr. Anderson on the 13th of May will continue the ride – we’ll find out then if it’s going to be a bumpy ride or not.

Keep her close you guys.  You’re all fantastic with your comments, your feedback, flowers, and concerns.



P.S. You can also find more blog information created by yours truly where I write about Adopting a Reputation.


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