A Blessed Individual

Date: April 29th, 2011

Time: Mid-morning

Status: Reasons for the delay

Info:  So where do I begin? I’ve been off the blogging effort for a few days now and you know there’s got to be a reason. Actually there have been a number of reasons why I’ve been mute these past few days. The first excuse I’ll provide is my overall tiredness, both physically and spiritually. The second excuse I’ll provide is coupled with the first. My primary job, the one that earns a paycheck, as you know, has been instructing students on the proper way to respond to a maritime distress situation. I’ve been at this job now for two great years and I would not have traded it for the world – really. I left a great job, and a fantastic home in South Carolina in the summer of ’09 because I was a ticking time bomb. My blood pressure back then was regularly elevated; my sleep cycle consisted of two hours and forty-five minutes a night and the job just never ended. Loved the money, hated the lifestyle. Work would let out, my first stop was the gas station to purchase a pair of 22 oz beers and have both of them knocked back before I rolled into the driveway where the drinking would continue, and then rinse and repeat the following day. That was no way to live, and after some choice words offered up in an exchange with my boss the writing was on the wall. The ride across country on my own was the spiritual uplift I needed and five days later I arrived in the world of vineyards, sunshine, and a new beginning.

That was two years ago.

Life as a contractor means one thing; you’re only employed as long as the contract is alive and when my company lost the contract it meant I needed to get busy looking for a new job. Enough said? I know you’re wondering whether or not I found one – and I have. I actually learned of my new employment the same day Bonnie received the great news on her genetic testing.

Things really turned a corner for us that day and I’m happy – wait – I’m &*)*$#@’n elated to tell you I start a new job on Monday morning right here on the same campus in a new capacity. Sweet. Bonnie and I will continue working for the same company and we’ve got a number of angels to thank but we really need to thank each other for all the positive energy we’ve maintained this entire time – even with the news of breast cancer. It’s been a hectic month and today, as I write this blog from the desk I’ve been occupying for two years teaching the young men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard the foundation for their daunting task as Operations Specialists it is with great sorrow to realize I’ll no longer be in their lives when a new work week begins. I will be saying goodbye to a large number of great colleagues as well, but that is life and we do what we must to survive in this jungle and survive we will.

Bonnie received word yesterday from her new oncologist; Dr. Anderson that he wants to move up her next appointment with her since all the test results are in and he has a clean slate to work with. I believe we meet with him next Wednesday, so fingers crossed as we learn which door we’ll be opening during that meeting. Her Plastic Surgeon would like to see her again when everything is completely done – so if there’s a door marked “chemo” that we need to open, then we’ll be visiting her Dr. Goodman in four months or so to have her implants finally put in. She does not carry the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene, the cancer has been removed from her system and all of her numbers are very very low, so please keep your fingers crossed, continue with your prayers, and your networking as we continue to wind down this road.

I am a blessed individual, there’s really no other way to say it. I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife, two beautiful, intelligent and caring daughters and a bulldog that will relocate her position to wherever I am in the house just to get her head rubbed and a little affection. I also have had the pleasure for working with a tremendous number of professionals these last two years and I know my next stop will be challenging but you may have guessed by now … I’m always up for the challenge.

We’re doing well. Bonnie has started to sleep on her side recently and although there is still some pain from the lymph node dissection she’s got a smile from ear to ear today as her husband and life-long friend continues to figure out a way to get the job done.

Keep her close you guys.




3 thoughts on “A Blessed Individual

  1. I am so thrilled a new door has opened for you Paul. You deserve the very best! The weekend is finally here, so let’s CELEBRATE 🙂

  2. Congratulations Paul! I know the added stress of your job was something you both did not need right now. Good luck with your new challenge. I know you both can get through anything at this point.
    I will continue to pray for Bonnie for all good things! She is constantly in my thoughts!
    Hugs to all for a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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