Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Time: Noon

Status: Insurance Coverage

Info: With the blog from yesterday I think you’re all familiar with the importance of employment.  With employment comes insurance coverage and the decisions we make to ensure the insurance you have covers every little procedure we have in front of us.  Early on, I think around the February timeframe we started receiving the small bills, covered 80 percent by our provider leaving us with statement that reads: AMOUNT YOU OWE: $XXX.XX.

These little ones started to come in fairly regularly and these little AMOUNT YOU OWE’s really started to add up.  I went into work and made one call to our HR specialist and asked the question regarding a supplement to our insurance.  She told me since I’m retired military I could start the supplement immediately and the insurance company we use does not toss in the discriminator: “NO PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS” … which means even though we DO have breast cancer they [TRICARE SUPPLEMENT; Association & Society Insurance (ASI) Company will pick up the remainder of every bill not previously covered by TRICARE.

I started the supplement that day and we never looked back. I can not even begin to figure out how those without insurance are handling this dilemma.  Something I feel blessed to know that’s one thing I don’t have to research.

We received the TRICARE claim summary this morning.  When the header reads “THIS IS NOT A BILL” it’s a good beginning.

SERVICES PROVIDED BY: Marin General Hospital

DATE OF SERVICE: 03/15/11 – 03/16/11

AMOUNT BILLED: $109,121.85



Keep her close you guys.




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