Keeping Her Close …

The calendar reads May 8 – Mother’s Day – and as I look around the house this morning I can state without a doubt it is in fact a wonderful Mother’s Day here in Chez Cheney. The breakfast dishes have been cleaned, the kitchen is cleaned and the last little bit of laundry is in the dryer. The Lu-dog rests comfortably in the living room and our special lady has been on the phone with the East coast where she received the moniker of “queen” as they learned her breakfast of eggs, toast and grapes was served in bed.

Mother’s Day conveniently falls on a Sunday and my response to Margie and Betsy was simply … “why should this be any different from any other Sunday?” … tongue in cheek? Perhaps, but those of you that read this regularly know it to be true and why not, right? There’s so little effort in putting together a nice breakfast – our wives, and our daughters should receive this type of gift as the weekend comes to a close. It’s my way of saying “thank you ladies for all your help this week” … thirty minutes later it’s a wrap and everyone is happy. Piece of cake.

Our oldest daughter Taylor is arriving today. Her summer vacation is official. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for Bonnie as she’ll have the entire brood under one roof again until Taylor’s junior year at USC begins next fall. Let the good times roll.

I started this “Can”cer … We “CAN” Beat This blog on the 15th of January … a Saturday morning with a page entitled “Baby Steps.” Not sure how many words I’ve asked you all to read since that morning but I remember the day we learned of being diagnosed with ductal carcinoma like it was yesterday, however comma … I also remember Dr. Anderson telling us we would not have to undergo the necessities of chemotherapy as if it was yesterday. Truth be told it was just last Wednesday when we learned that GREAT news and in some small way I think we really did beat this &*@#)#*&cker !

Thank you ALL.

This blog reached as far south as the Caribbean, as far north as Canada and thirty-five U.S. states in between. At the time of this post it’s been viewed 3,367 times with 134 visitors on February 2nd making that day the busiest day of the blog.

Does this sound like I’m going somewhere? Yea, it sort of sounds like you’re telling us this will be your last post. I think it might be. It is Mother’s Day after all. Sounds like you have some inner turmoil to deal with. You’re right – I do. Can I think about it a little bit before making a final decision? Always a good idea.

Until the next post … Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you. We’re doing just fine out here along the river and I’ll be having lunch this afternoon with all three of my ladies at the table later today. Of course I made reservations!

Thank you all for keeping her close. You all deserve a huge hug.





2 thoughts on “Keeping Her Close …

  1. As I read this “final blog?” I have tears in my eyes. This past week brought fantastic news for Bon and for all of us who have been praying for her. Paul, you are an amazing husband and Bon is a very lucky lady. Welcome home to Taylor :)…what better gift could Bonnie have received on Mother’s Day than her daughter coming home! Big hugs to my girls Logan and Lulu!

  2. What better way to end your blog with all this positive energy…go off and resume your lives and enjoy each day with the love you are so deserving of…you are an amazing family and thank you Paul for all your hard work and your support to my beautiful cousin Bonnie…how wonderful it end on Mothers Day for a very special lady…I love you Paul…you are also truly amazing…love to all…

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