Besides New York?

Perhaps it’s just me. I’m sure that’s the case, hell, it’s always been the case, but I have a medium here and I’m darn sure going to use it as my Friday afternoon sun begins to diminish and the beer intake continues to increase.

I am a Bostonian through and through – my blogs normally do not cover that makeup, but for those of you who know me the attest would not be far away.

After rolling into the driveway this afternoon and pulling in the trash cans I can hear my wife sitting in the living room clapping – a good sign – because I know she’s watching the RED SOX /Yankees game and I know it’s still inside the first inning. We invested in the MLB package through COMCAST to ensure we have every RED SOX game on during the season – it’s a great investment, particularly living out here on the West coast with the time differential.

Everything just makes sense out here and I like it, but here’s my beef: The game this afternoon is being carried by the YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) and during the early innings they ran the following poll question: “Besides New York, what do you believe is the best sports city in the country?” followed with the choices (A) Boston (B) Chicago and (C) Philadelphia. Besides New York? So they already gave themselves first place in the country? I tell you what. I watched the San Jose Sharks defeat the Detroit Red Wings in one of the greatest game 7 matchups last night and along with the 22,000 who attended the game in the Shark Tank, while the SF Giants sit alone in first place I now realize my rant is an East coast thing. “Besides New York” … something’s will always chap me and New Yorkers (sans the local pizzeria) continue to chap me.

I love living here in Petaluma where people could care less. They want to garden, they want to fish, they want to be green and the last thing they want to do is get in your business … this blog is my business and as I mentioned, the increased number of adult beverages this early Friday afternoon might have assisted in the reason for this rant, but really … “Besides New York?” Who the hell do they think they are? When was the last time a hockey team from New York (NY Rangers, NY Islanders, Buffalo Sabres – that’s three NHL teams) hoist the Stanley Cup … when was the last time a basketball team from New York (NY KNICKS, NJ NETS) win the NBA Championship … when was the last time a football team from New York (NY Giants, NY Jets, Buffalo Bills) hold the Lombardi trophy up high? Baseball? I know 27 rings … and I have a truly special place for each and every one of them.

The results of the poll? In order, CHICAGO, PHILLY and then the HUB of the Sporting World … Boston finishing in last place. The empty seats at Yankee Stadium tell the story much clearer than any poll from the YES network.

Back to the game. SOX on top 5-3, bottom 8th.

Good luck to the Sharks to win the West.



4 thoughts on “Besides New York?

  1. only new yorkers think they are the best. by the way, i’m sure shutting out CC last night won’t be a ‘big deal’ – you see, according to yankees fans ‘it’s early’. i can only imagine the radio today if they won the past 2 games. and as for the best sports city – take a look at the last decade boys – 2 world series, NY one. 3 superbowls, NY 1. (and that was a fluke) basketball championships 1 (and back to finals to game 7) – NY right, you have spike lee. hockey, ok we are working on it. as close as NY got was the devils in ’03 – and they are not new york. so, you new yorkers can think you are the best, and we will continue winning championships.
    just 2 cents from another bostonian – GO SOX – GO BRUINS.

  2. OMG, I couldn’t agree with you more…it is their MO to be arrogant…as we take our brooms out this morning! GO SOX!

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