I Wish for … a Summer Vacation

The forty hours a week is for work – the customer – the professional mindset and the satisfaction you create by doing a job well done during each of those eight hours a day. The weekend however is for you, your family, your projects and your soul.

The weekend, as we all realize is much too short. Coming home on Friday afternoon, knocking back a few cold ones with your family, watching the game, grabbing a bite to eat or having something delivered, because truly, who the hell wants to spend time in the kitchen working on a Friday evening meal – the same place you’ve been after work for the past four or five days?

Last night we watched the first game of the second half of the MLB season where the Red Sox streak of six winning games was snapped at that horrible indoor baseball park in Tampa Bay. The Rays are a good team, and so are the SOX but I do not enjoy indoor baseball, there’s something just unnatural about it. Anyway, after the SOX dropped the first of three last night our little ladies had plans of their own freeing up a little “q” time with my wife.

Cattlemen’s? I suggested … off we went. We dined in the bar area and watched the Giants throttle the Padres. Although we’re not fans of the National League, it was truly a delight to watch these fans at Cattlemen’s enjoy each other’s company while watching the defending World Series Champions inflict damage on the entire Padres pitching staff. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves last night. We caught up on all those little things that have slipped through cracks during the week while we ravaged on the delights from their menu.

Cattlemen’s offers a full bar service as we witnessed many a customer ordering custom made margaritas. Their beer menu is extensive though no Michelob Ultra for my bride, Bud Lite would have to do. I enjoyed a Sam Adams served in the new Sam Adams pint glass which I actually purchased rather than looking for a place to stow it to stock the already crowded pint glass section of the kitchen; all of which have been removed from bar rooms across this great nation. Hint to bar owners – if you’re going to serve beer in pint glasses – do it in non descript ones. Those pint glasses with beautiful designs and logos from beer manufacturers find time to grow legs as you can see from my pint glass display.

When the dessert offerings came it was obscene and the restaurant manager was kind enough to offer a free “fried apple pie” with ice cream. Fried apple pie? Really? My father would be in hog heaven.  Seventeen years we lived in the low country of South Carolina where almost anything on the menu is found fried – but never did we find this dessert. “Sure, thank you … bring it on!” Oh my …

It’s now Saturday morning and yes we have a full schedule which includes a trip to SFO to pick up our youngest daughter’s childhood friend venturing on an unaccompanied trip from Charleston, SC to San Francisco to spend part of her summer vacation here in Petaluma. Later this month Logan will return the favor by flying back to Charleston to wrap up the remaining days of her vacation back where fun and frolic are the order of the day.

Sunday we plan to visit Larkspur and take in some fine fondue at The Melting Pot where I’m sure we will laugh the entire time … and then it will be time to think about the forty hours ahead.

Is the weekend really long enough? The garden continues to grow, the Lu-dog continues to enjoy her time here and the house continues to take on project after project; new ceiling fan in the kitchen this past Friday – and found a fantastic cleaning lady who spent four hours here in the house this past Friday and charged us the minimum. Good things come to those who wait … just ask our little one who can’t stand the wait knowing her friend is inbound from the East coast and the next ten days will be a whirlwind of events.

I wish we could all have a summer vacation.

Who knew?

Mary … happy birthday honey! Keep rocking!

Bobbi … thank you for picking up the gift.





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