August, September, SOXtober

It’s a Saturday morning here in Northern California. Autumn is in the air and the locals are enjoying the bounty provided by Mother Nature as of late. Merchant doors are swinging in both directions, people are smiling and the days of relaxing on Dillon Beach are beginning to fade into the memory banks, unless of course you love to accelerate your heart rate by enjoying the same water temperatures our friends the California Gray Whale enjoy as they begin their migration.

We’re enjoying this weather TODAY because we all know what to expect as the calendar reveals November, and that blog, that attitude can wait, because here in western Sonoma County, where the coast includes high bluffs up around Jenner reaching sea level as we roll into the beaches at Bodega Bay.

The activities to enjoy here after we’ve washed off the forty hours of the work week include whale watching, abalone diving, surfing, tide pooling, and should this be your first time to visit the rugged coast line out here please remind yourself to pack a decent amount of respect for this coast line and dispense it to each member of your party.

You’ve read my blogs before, I now know at least one of you do (due to the kind reminder I received the other day – thank you Brian), and you know my day begins and ends with where my beloved RED SOX are in the standings, and oddly enough I see where the last blog mentioned a little something about a recent loss to the crew from the Bronx and today, tomorrow, and the days leading to my 23rd wedding anniversary, the SOX will fight to ensure the golf clubs are packed away until the end of SOXTOBER. Time will tell.

As the sun begins to set a little earlier each and every night as we approach the autumnal equinox fans of some teams have already dismissed expectations for their teams, and yet my phone lights off a couple times a night from my friends on the east coast who support the two teams atop the AL East leader board and I’ve really never been “that guy” who needs the last word (thank you Boston Bruins), and as a resident of Sonoma County there’s very little “give a crap” about any given team which is why I don’t wear my colors into town while watching a game at McNear’s. Really all I have to do is open my mouth, one where my ancestors still exist which includes a dialect one can only attribute to the northern shores of the Bay State. I still hold claim I don’t have an “accent”. I believe everyone else in the nation does, but the great thing about living here below the summits of Hammock and Red Hill, the residents here could care less – NICE. Not once have I been asked “where you from?” My response while living in the Carolina low country was always “North Chaaaarleston” and of course it never worked.

Californians are my kind of people. Kind, watchful of others; unless they’re backing out of a parking spot, mindful of the ecology and economic struggles we each face as our government … whoa … where am I going? Get out of there … whew, that was close.

We were talking sports, Californians, and the gorgeous environment we are all treated to as the alarm clock awakes us, right? Okay … here’s what I’d like for all of you to do: use your powers to hex the Yankees (NY) in any way you can. Like you would hex the Arizona Diamondback organization. Break out those spells, rally caps, incense, traditions, superstitions, etc to aid the boys from Fenway back into their winning ways. With only a handful of games remaining in the 2011 regular season, all I can do at this point is reach out and ask, right? ‘ppreciate it. Like Capt Morgan says “to life, love and loot” – these three nouns truly resemble a day in the life here in along the river.



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