No More Meds!

Date: Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Time: Early Morning

Status: Inner Strength Prevails

Info:   Many blogs ago we discussed the power of Bonnie’s “inner strength” and how important this attribute would be in the defeat of her breast cancer. Her reconstruction surgery; a 3.5 hour ordeal was wrapped up on the 26th of September and in less than two weeks time Bonnie has resigned herself to no drugs, no medications; allowing her body to fix itself on its own without the assistance of the varied filled prescriptions on our bathroom counter. Friday nights, for the past five weeks or so, Bonnie and I have been rambling down to the local Cattlemen’s for dinner, drinks and whatever game is on the big screen and last night was no different. After the drinks came and toasts were made (believe me, we ALWAYS have something to toast or give thanks to on Friday nights) Bonnie stated it was nice to enjoy a glass of Dry Creek Valley without having to worry about its’ combination with other medications. She’s made serious strides with regards to saying goodbye to her pain meds and that remark last night finally sealed the deal. Thought you’d all be happy to hear on her progress.

Today I tear down my former tomato and cucumber garden and begin preparations for planting winter lettuce. Once the GAMECOCK/Kentucky game wraps up I’ll be out back turning the soil for salads on the dinner table to come.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.





6 thoughts on “No More Meds!

  1. Found you! Gord & I fi ally moved 2 Mt Pleasant in July, been looking for you! I am so sorry to read about Bonnies struggles, although I do understand. I get chemo to control my anklyosing spondylitis (fusing of the spine, hips shoulders and calcification of the connecting tissues). The change of weather and gettin out of the Soo & remarried have been the best medicine. I almost drug my husband, Mitch to the Dog & Duck last nite to hav a tottie &wztch football in hopes to see you guys last nite! PLEASE email so we can catch up! Bonnie,this old Irish chick is ru nin to the chur h to light a candle for you¡ ha g in there toots! Just kno that the whole Larke clan will be sending you prayer and lots of good enrgey! Paulie, ya, tequilla & txting or bloggin r no good, try bourbon! Oh ya, forgot, bourbon end sup on the floor! All my love, huggs to the girls! Think of you often xoxo
    E. Christie Larke Wells ( became Mrs. Mitch Wells 8/16/2010 Gord hooked us up!)

    • Welcome to Mt. P! Hope you all truly enjoy things there. How strange was it to run into your sister a couple years back in the pit at the Bruce Springsteen concert??? A very small world indeed. Give my best to your parents and Gord”o”.

  2. Paul, glad u wrote the blog or I never would have known! Always new Bonnie was strong! Totally u derstand the med thing &wine. Never stop toasting, never stop looking for the good in everything. No matter how bad,there just has to be somthin to smile about! Love both of u & the girls ChristieLarke

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