A Fresh Set of Downs

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time: Morning

Status: A Fresh Set of Downs

Info: I remember not that long ago when Saturday and Sunday mornings were spent wondering if my bride was going to continue her “vicadin vacation.” Sunday mornings were normally spent planning the week’s menu, putting together a grocery list and working with Logan to put on a slow cooker for Sunday’s during the winter months. This is certainly not a complaint, no, it’s a sign – a very good sign we’ve all turned the corner and put the struggles of breast cancer in the rear view mirror. Nice.

Logan is off from school this week for the Thanksgiving holiday break and we spent our first day together down in Novato feasting on a new menu at the Southern Pacific Smokehouse. We were immediately shocked at how beautiful the interior décor was, the service, the menu and knowing this is only a twenty minute drive south makes it that much more inviting.

This Sunday morning, while the first set of NFL games make their appearance, Logan and Bonnie (vicadin free) relax upstairs watching television. The evening meal has already been planned and with minimum celebration I think it’s safe to say our special girl is now what they refer to as a “Breast Cancer Survivor”. The term survivor is a difficult one for me to deal with on my own terms, but I can tell you it’s a far cry from the alternative. Tracking your inner strength, your gut, your instinct and placing faith in the lab coats you only recently met is one long road to hoe and we’ve done just that.

Bonnie has recovered nicely from her last surgery I mentioned about the “little wrinkle” noticed by her Plastic Surgeon. Although we’ve been through a lot these past ten months, there will still be that silent voice in Bonnie’s head for years and years to come questioning if “IT” is gone forever and this is understandable.

In football terms, we were “third and long” for about ten months … today, it’s a fresh set of downs and the cast around her is doing their job ensuring she’s not on her back in the future. I know – funny how I can relate the unpredictable nature of breast cancer to the violence and planning of the National Football League.

The rainy season here in Sonoma County is upon us, the lettuce and carrot garden I planted on Columbus Day is getting a good soaking. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are – regardless of the weather, we have a bright future together.

First and goal!





2 thoughts on “A Fresh Set of Downs

  1. hi,and happy thanksgiving from sunny south florida that just got its first official cold front,which means 95% humidity and mid 80,s..i like your season change much better..we are official empty nesters and spending our first holiday with just mike and myself,,i can honestly say i was dreading it but honestly,,,(I LOVE IT!!!!) lol.So today we are having our girls with 1 spouse for our first Thanksgiving meal on a regular Sunday….I can only say happy Thanksgiving to all of you and lets all pray that next year will be a whole hell of alot better than this last past 2011….have a great day..love carrie and crew….

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