Bring It On!

The new resolution has already started paying dividends. Already? YES. I started a project out in the garage a week or so before our Christmas couch arrived from Pottery Barn. This project was a simple one which included sanding down a chest I purchased for Bonnie as our 1st wedding anniversary gift. Stripping twenty-three years’ worth of life and preserving it with multiple layers of shellac worked out quite nicely. The couch, as you know arrived on time, and the chest found its way as a nice accompaniment to our cozy little living room. In the process, sawdust found its way all over the many components of the garage, so after a nice shower this morning, while the girls continued their slumber, I found my way out into the garage and squared things away. In doing so I was able to throw away many unused items, recycling many of them and even found the perfect vessel for the homemade Kahlua (Papa Paul’s Killer Kahlua) which will be started sometime this week so it’s ready for the Super Bowl on the 5th of February. This vessel I found is an empty growler from the Russian River Brewery in nearby Santa Rosa. PERFECT! It’s now in the dishwasher. Already can’t wait for the big game. I tasted the vanilla extract I’ve been making since early November – and found it to be a little strong in the rum department, such is life.

While working in the garage this morning I was able to take a break and have a conversation with my neighbor while he was out walking his bulldog; Louie and broke the news to him about Bonnie’s breast cancer. It’s such a treat to be able to talk about breast cancer as an ACHIEVEMENT versus the alternative. I passed along the link to him and received his well wishes at the same time.

An early morning project yielding positive results, and each weekend has been ending on positive notes taking me into the week with a smile. I say “bring it on!”

Our breast cancer survivor received her coffee this morning and she then came downstairs and made a kick ass breakfast for the entire family. The NFC Wildcard game is on … the garage is cleaned and we’re all together enjoying each other’s company with eggs made to order. Seriously … “bring it on!”




2 thoughts on “Bring It On!

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  2. Congratulations and best wishes to you all! You deserve many many good times together. Wish I was gonna be there for a taste of the Killer Kahlua!

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