Houseful of Guests

There’s a houseful of guests expected today. This will be our very first house party since signing with the title company about eighteen months ago. We’ve asked for this get together because of our love of sports, particularly the New England Patriots and their AFC Divisional matchup with the high profile Denver Broncos. Should be fun. It’s nice to have Bonnie back on her feet again. These past two weeks she’s been clocking the standard 40 hours with all the zeal and zest she normally provides to the workplace. The majority of the houseguests today will be her co-workers, none of which are PATS fans, but they are fans of Bonnie and what else could be better, right? Her co-workers were phenomenal during the past twelve months – tomorrow marks the day when we first received the diagnosis, so I’d say today is more of a celebration of friendship than it is about the AFC game. Our (collective) network has endpoints full of energy, endpoints that seem to go in circles and endpoints that provide support by just being there. Today’s menu is a throwback to our days on the Cape with a tremendous serving of award winning chili – which is normally perfect for football weather on the east coast. Today’s forecast is atypical of what east coasters would normally expect this deep into the winter and we absolutely love it. Beer, wine and a home theater system to balance things out is all we need to support our wonderful breast cancer survivor while rooting on those with the Flying Elvis on their helmets defending Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. As the Patriots flag unfurls outside, we wait for our signal caller Tom Brady to take his first snap under center, while our adopted bulldog scampers in search for hidden dog biscuits, we open our doors for our houseful of friends to celebrate a year of breast cancer in the best way we know how to show our thanks.

We’re first and ten here along the river as we’ve reached our goal after a year of living and surviving cancer.

C’mon in … grab a beer, fill your bowl with chili and enjoy the game.





2 thoughts on “Houseful of Guests

  1. Ok…this one made me emotional…give a hug to Bonnie….a houseful of good friends and good health….does it get any better?….oxo

  2. Enjoy, enjoy!!!! Hooray for the Cheney’s…..Hello from Boston and are busy flicking between the Celtics, Bruins and the winning PATRIOTS!!!!!!! TV very busy tonight and we are with all of you enjoying food and fun!!! Here’s a toast to my favorite cousin and her beautiful Logan,Taylor and Paul….I Love you all…..

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