Time Marches On …

So now our oldest child resides in the United Kingdom!  I can attest for how fast the past year has flown by with Bonnie’s breast cancer, but I cannot as easily tell you where the last twenty-one years have gone. I remember key moments in my little girls life and collectively it has been nothing but one accomplishment followed by another achievement … from the night she was born to the day she was accepted into Charleston’s School of the Arts program to the day she received her admission to the University of South Carolina and now walking the campus at the Universty of Leeds!  It has certainly been a whirlwind of events, many of which brought a smile to her family’s face. She checked through the terminal and into the serpentine walkways of security at SFO’s International terminal with all the confidence we’ve instilled in her over the years.  We received an email from her yesterday letting us know of her journey into England and today the emails have been pretty much the same … she’s already in love with the other side of the pond and we couldn’t be happier for her. Where in the world did the least two decades go? I will update this blog about Taylor’s overseas adventure as this blog continues … one thing is for sure, the last six weeks with her at home was a wonderful respite for her mother. Time marches on. Much, much more to follow.




One thought on “Time Marches On …

  1. I am so happy to hear Taylor is safe and loving the adventure already! I am sure that your anxiety and fears of sending your baby across the world are a bit decreased once hearing from her. It will an experience of a lifetime I am sure. The only problem now Paul is that she will want to continue to travel and see more of the world! That is where I am at with both my kids. Jay just recieved his masters in special ed (past up 4 job offers I might add) and decided to hold off on his career by traveling to Hawaii and living on a farm!!! This past summer he back packed through Europe for almost 2 months. I can say that times have changed and our children are experiencing things we never had. I say good for them!!! The only thing we can ask is for their safety and happiness!
    Please tell Bonnie that the bad news of all this is that the mama’s age about 5 years with each of these traveling experiences! lol
    Enjoy the ride of having adult children!!!
    Love to you all!

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