Small and Beautiful World

Date: February 24, 2012

Time: 10:30 A.M.

Status: Friendships & Trust

Info:  So the joggers in the afternoon remind me each afternoon that it’s that time of year again where the winter pounds are being shed for the spring and summer months.  I always internally ask each of them to run an extra mile for me.  Running was never my forte.  Running a bar tab is probably the reason behind that.  Today’s post is going to continue on the friendship theme and while my friends are running the streets conditioning themselves I’d like to share with you a friendship that’s developed over the past three decades.  After first meeting my bride at a high school dance I had no idea we’d wed a dozen years later and now with nearly twenty-four years under our belts, with two beautiful and mature young ladies and an English bulldog who has turned our home into her personal playground (for good and bad) we use technology to talk with our oldest who is across the pond, as they say, enjoying her times studying abroad at the University of Leeds.  I was here in the office listening to my music yesterday, and with the IPOD on “random” I can go from Skynyrd to Sinatra in a matter of seconds.  For years I’ve played the jester here in the house teaching the girls all kinds of hi-jinks, and pranks.  So this past January when I thanked Taylor for loading her volumes of John Mayer onto my IPOD I really should have listened more closely when she responded with the question “Did you listen to everything I put on?” … yesterday morning I was treated to a little “Dancing Queen” from Abba which created an immediate email off to her with my quote thanks unquote … she won that battle.  Thankfully there was no one here in the office to witness it.  Funny girl.  Speaking of our oldest … she’ll be visited in London in the next two weeks or so by a dear friend of Bonnie’s, also one of “Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters”, in fact, I think Mary was the first name to be added to this impressive list.  Mary and I did not exactly see eye-to-eye on matters during our youth.  See, Mary was Bonnie’s childhood friend, so when I appeared on scene, and from a completely different part of town there was a bit of friction and over the years this friction has been completely removed and I have called on Mary a number of occasions, be it good or bad during our days with breast cancer.  Nice to see what maturity does for our sole, ya know?  So “our” dear friend Mary will be in London shortly, and we’ll send Taylor south on the train to meet with her.  What a phenomenal little reunion between our two families have created!  Thank you Aunt Mary!  The girls here in Petaluma, a.k.a. “The Ladies of Luxury”, Bonnie and Logan, will be enjoying a beautiful weekend with each other without the prince of pranks in their company as I will be heading north to Clear Lake to spend the weekend with my friend Andy (Coach) whom I first met on the shores of Lake Michigan after leaving the house to find out what this planet had in store for me.  I hope to hear the term “FISH ON” regularly this weekend! Friends, fishing, London, train rides, trust … oh yea, beer. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!





3 thoughts on “Small and Beautiful World

  1. and don’t forget the wine! Thank you for your VM. It is nice to be an inspiration – and especially comical that I can be one for you. 🙂 To friends! Love you babe.

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