A Model of Determination

Date: February 28th, 2012

Time: Before the sunrise

Status: Bonnie’s Busy Schedule

Info:  Some time ago I referred to the divine intervention between Bonnie and the world of Breast Cancer when she visited Calico Corners in Greenbrae, CA for some fabric.  Shame on me for never telling you how incredible these new additions to our family room turned out.  Bonnie and Logan retrieved them a couple weeks back and the old sofa cushions are here on the couch in my office where a piece of the past provides me comfort as these tomorrows unfold.

During this chance meeting with Jane, a twenty-two year breast cancer survivor, Bonnie was invited to become a “Stepping Out Model” in the annual To Celebrate Life dinner at the Marin Civic Center.  The communications between the exceptional people involved with To Celebrate Life began almost immediately and last night Bonnie received her confirmation for accepting their invitation to model in To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation’s Stepping Out to Celebrate Life fashion show on September 29th, 2012.  As they stated in their letter … “It’s time to head toward your walk down the runway”.  Bonnie will soon have the opportunity to meet with the ladies and gentlemen with whom she’ll share this extraordinary experience at a tea party of the 5th of May in Novato.  The letter continued with the dates for her training and rehearsal sessions and other things of interest related to this event. 

You may remember the post “Divine Intervention” when I said “Bonnie went out for fabric … she came home with a completely different gift.”  The letter she received yesterday brought such a smile to her beautiful face and we here are all very excited for her.  By reading this blog, I too know you are excited for her as well. 

On a side note, you may be happy to know Bonnie’s blog has been discovered in the following global locations; France, Great Britain, Netherland Antilles, Canada, Lithuania, Taiwan, Philippines, and India.  Bienvenue! … Failte romhat isteach!, … Sveiki atvyke! … Li-Ho! … Mabuhay! … Svagat!

Who says you can’t learn anything before the sun comes up? … Speaking of learning, my next Men’s Cancer Support Group is this Thursday. 

Keep her close everyone.




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