The Little Things

Date: March 6th, 2012

Time: Before Everyone Else

Status: The Family

Info:  As many of you know, our oldest daughter is studying abroad at the University of Leeds, approximately two hours north of London.  She lives with three other “flatmates” and her weekends are always jam packed with activities.  This past weekend she explored the waterfront capital city of Wales (Cardiff [The Fort of Didius]) and after reviewing her photos last night it would appear she is doing very well for herself.  Her beautiful blonde hair has grown quite long and in one picture in particular I mentioned to her mother last night where she certainly takes on the look of someone who is thoroughly enjoying her European experience. 

While she and her friends did all they could to maximize the wonder in the winding roads of Wales, her family back here along the Pacific busied themselves under 70 degree temperatures all weekend transforming the backyard which once grew an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers, into an area where we will enjoy for the upcoming spring and summer months.  Along with the Lu-dog, we got up early Saturday morning and began the transformation which turned out beautifully and the additionally purchased bright red Adirondack chairs are exactly where we sat taking in the afternoon sun listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. 

You’ve come to understand how earnestly I believe in the “little things” that make a family maintain its course, enjoy each other’s company in good times and able to wrestle the unpleasantries when they arrive, and it was a discussion on Sunday morning, one I never imagined with my two girls, but one in which is the genesis for this morning’s post that makes me realize all is well in the world, and I have the oddest of topics to thank for it. 

When the sun had finally settled, we realized our evening would be spent quietly here in the house where we settled in with The Godfather Saga.  This miniseries combines the first two Godfather movies into one film.  It’s reported that Francis Ford Coppola created this project to raise money for Apocalypse Now which was severely over-budget at the time.  A little background for you … last week was the 40th anniversary of The Godfather and it was played in the house anytime the girls were out running errands.  I knew they were home when comments like “this again?” were heard.  Well, this past Saturday night we sat as a family watching The Godfather Saga and I now know this project was created the year Bonnie and I first met each other; 1977.  The Godfather, as you know, is all about “family”, and when Sunday morning arrived, the girls arrived downstairs to find Dad had done all the laundry and the new plants and tree were well watered. Bonnie took to the kitchen like an old pro making breakfast for what would truly be a perfect day relaxing in the sun.  It was at breakfast, as we all gathered in the kitchen when a discussion on The Godfather was started by Logan.  Her questions indicated she truly paid attention to the finer details of last night’s program; “How did they know Sonny would be there at the toll plaza”, “Was the traitor Paulie or Clemenza?” … and so on.  We dissected The Godfather Saga for the next ninety minutes or so and I was, as they say, “in hog heaven”.  It is the little things that keep the family together and although we miss our oldest more and more every day, I doubt seriously if she’ll ever utter the words “Where have all the men gone?” as Michael did while walking through Corleone. 

Hurry home Taylor!




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