Accept, Adapt, and Ask

Date: March 10th, 2012

Time: Early afternoon

Status: It’s Understandable to Have Questions

Info:   There’s roughly ten minutes remaining in regulation time during this afternoon’s matinee hockey game between my beloved Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals.  The Bruins were/are the NHL Stanley Cup Champions after surviving three game seven matchups before setting the town of Vancouver on fire when the Stanley Cup itself was presented to the Bruins captain last year.  The target has certainly been on their back this year and this afternoon’s nationally televised game is in parallel with the eleven or so games they’ve played this year … many resulting in losses. 😦 They [Bruins] are down by a pair right now and the puck has not had the friendly bounce in or around the offensive zone.  The fans are unusually quiet this afternoon and now as the clock reads 5:00 minutes in regulation play they really have little to be excited about.  So there’s my rant on today’s sporting event … fortunately later this afternoon we’ll be watching the Red Sox in their brand new JetBlue ballpark in Fort Meyers, FL taking on another team from the AL East; Tampa Bay Rays.  Hearing the fans at Fenway South singing “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th inning intermission certainly helps get the juices flowing for the 2012 baseball season.  [Due to the defensive nature of the Washington Capitals, Johnny Boychuck has bent the twine behind the Capitals goaltender and the crowd at the Garden has been revived.  Tick, tick, tick … this is what I love about the game of hockey – it can happen in a blink and the 17,565 are on their feet with the hopes of tying this one.]

During the first two periods of this morning’s game my bride and I were walking the aisles of the Rohnert Park Lowe’s with plans of enhancing the newly renovated backyard with a pair of hanging baskets [jasmines] and a pair of hydrangeas.  With a full cart we headed to the paint counter and I experienced something I can only relate to the research and questioning I encountered during the first five or so months while breast cancer had entered our home.  You know the old adage about men asking for directions, guidance, etc.  I am certainly one of those guys.  I can always figure it out for myself.  Breast Cancer certainly changed my outlook on that game plan.  What the hell did I know about ductal carcinoma, lymphedema, drain cleaning, a double mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and the list goes on?  Well, after much research, listening to Bonnie’s surgeons, and listening to ourselves, I found it comfortable to be asking questions of her surgeons, and providing the information to all of you as I learned about the myriad of subjects relating to breast cancer.  Now I find it easier to ask questions all the time.  What a change! 🙂

So during an exchange with the young lady at the paint counter I found myself in no rush to receive the paint she was mixing [so I can paint the cement steps, and Jacuzzi tub pad], I had a number of questions relating to the oil composition of the paint which she provided understandable answers to and wouldn’t you know I walked away from the counter completely impressed with the Lowe’s representative and even myself for taking the time in asking the questions.

For those guys out there that are members of the Men’s Cancer Support Group we run at the Santa Rosa Warrack Campus … take this advice from a fellow member of the male population; listen to yourself, listen to your partner and ask as many questions of your caregiver as you have.   Write these questions down when they arrive in your subconscious and get the answers you’re looking for.  If you’re not comfortable with the answers, look for another resource and certainly bring your questions to the monthly support group.

We [men] certainly have inherited that gene from our dad’s and granddads, but we are dealing with something few of them needed to wrestle with.  I’ll let you know the next time I pull over and actually ask for directions … don’t hold your breath on that one!

Bruins lost, and while we wait for Mother Nature to warm things up for an afternoon in the chimed-fill sun, we also know the clock is ticking on the birth of another season of Red Sox baseball.

Thanks for listening.




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