Honorary Bat Girl? V-O-T-E Today!

Every now and then, particularly late in the afternoon I’ll  review the sports pages.  Knowing the RED SOX and Yankees were to visit with each other for the first time during spring training really gets those juices flowing.  So, while visiting the MLB website yesterday I stumbled across the 2012 HONORARY BAT GIRL CONTEST

Major League Baseball wants stories of someone you know who is going to bat against Breast Cancer.  For those of you that know me well, you know my girls are my treasures, each of them, and ever since Breast Cancer knocked on our door there has always been one person in particular I owe a great deal of gratitude to, and that’s our 16-year old daughter Logan, without whom I would never have been able to navigate the murky and challenging waters of Breast Cancer survivorship – believe me, she matured beyond her years during these past fourteen or so months. 

I’ll provide you with a comment she made when she was eleven years old to let you know what kind of rabid baseball fan she really is … “Mom, Dad … if you guys take me to FENWAY, I’ll never ask for Disney!”  A month later, for her birthday, Logan and I sat in Section 12 watching the Red Sox and White Sox battle it out in the finest ballpark this country has to offer.  As soon as I saw this MLB sponsored advertisement, I took to the keyboard and penned the following:

“In January, 2011 the words “ductal carcinoma” reached my ears and I Immediately googled the term to learn its definition. Even the best search engine could not explain what the next fourteen months of our lives were going to be. That evening we broke the news to our fifteen year old daughter who took the news as one would expect. What we did not expect was for our beautiful daughter Logan to mature beyond her years in the months after Breast Cancer arrived in our home. Coming home in the afternoon with a heavy heart was remedied by seeing loads of laundry being done, and the smell of dinner coming from the kitchen. It is a true testament to us as parents to witness our daughter who replaced her own social calendar with the priorities of her mother’s care. Being the husband of a  Breast Cancer patient demands total support to include grocery shopping, managing the checkbook, meal planning, navigating her appointment schedule, the little things, even writing a daily blog on my wife’s situation to keep friends and family on the east coast “abreast” of our daily struggles, tasks, updates and achievements; https://thecheneycrew.wordpress.com. Being a father at the same time was the easier part due to the unimaginable maturity shown by our daughter Logan who blossomed in front of our eyes. I am extremely pleased and proud to have witnessed the growth of a girl who has certainly gone to bat against Breast Cancer and helped her mother become the Breast Cancer survivor she is today.”

How do you vote?  Glad you asked … click this link http://mlb.mlb.com/honorarybatgirl/2012/index.jsp and V-O-T-E!  Logan’s entry is under the heading “Papa Paul” with the pink Breast Cancer logo beneath it.  Vote as often as you can and I’ll certainly let you know if our little champ was selected.

As always – you’ve [Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters] have kept her [Bonnie] close, and without Logan’s help this blog would not have been what it is today; reaching out to you incredible folks in Great Britain, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Netherland Antilles (W&T), Lithuania, and India … VOTE NOW!

I very much appreciate it. 

By the way … the SOX shutout the crew from the Bronx last night. 

“There’s your sign!”




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