Just Plain Lucky

What gives your dog the right to start barking at 5:45 AM? This is a regular trait of our English bulldog and I know she has no idea it’s April Fool’s Day, and if she was going for the prank she’s clearly messing with the wrong cast of characters but this everyday occurrence has removed all needs for alarm clocks here in the house.  It would be one thing if she was barking because there was someone lurking around in the backyard, but not our Lu-dog.  She barks from the comfort of her monogrammed bedding and does so as a reminder that her belly needs to be replenished.  What a life!

So here I sit here this morning with the very early morning daylight pondering on a subject for today’s post and this needs to be completed before the “ladies of luxury” awake as there is big plans in store once they do.  I’ve already been communicating with our eldest over there in Leeds, UK who has arrived back on campus safe and sound from her month long, or nearly month long, spring break which started off in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, returned to Leeds to recover (no doubt), off to Morocco for fun and games where she visited Marrakech, Casablanca, and Tangier City … off to Spain where her footprints were all over Madrid and Barcelona and then after another set of stamps on her passport she found herself in Rome, and Milan.  That’s about as much as I can remember, but when the girls wake up we’ll have the SKYPE session of the year.

Coffee is already set.

Last night I witnessed a wonderful event between the subject of this blog and our youngest daughter.  The two had spent the day with each other getting manicures and running household errands, but also picking up a few odds and ends for the cupboards with a predetermined idea in mind.  Watching the two of them in the kitchen last night brought me great joy as not only is Logan learning different things about baking, she’s also spending quality time with her mother which, in my book, is everything.  Before they left the house yesterday they had already spied a recipe for a homemade (from scratch) apple pie and a homemade macaroni and cheese casserole dish.  So watching them create both of these not only made the home smell wonderful, but they did it together and that in itself is what it’s really all about, right?

While they were out shopping yesterday I watched a rerun of GoodFellas, and in typical “man meets world” fashion, I grilled some sausages, peppers and onions to near perfection and enjoyed a wonderful meal by myself while watching Martin Scorcese’s timeless piece on family, crime, and being above the law, while the rains outside continued and the Lu-Dog settled in next to me.

Logan’s dinner last night received a five star rating and her apple pie and ice cream was phenomenal!  We learned on Friday that Logan had qualified for a scholarship and this summer she’ll compete against the other qualifiers at a week-long leadership camp up in Occidental, CA!  She’s a shoe-in if she’s required to bake a dessert or a main course during this event!

Bonnie and I have certainly been lucky with our two daughters.  We trust them when they leave the house and that’s all we can ask.  Soon we’ll be talking with our oldest that has left her footprints all over parts of Europe these past three weeks, and soon she’ll have her nose back in the books.  As I was reminded this morning by someone very close to me; It’s time for me to start writing a book on just how lucky I’ve been … not $650M lottery lucky, but lucky in love, lucky in how our girls have grown and lucky to know the young lady who continues her slumber said “yes” to my proposal on Christmas Eve, 1987.  That is just plain lucky!




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