Effective Communications

Originally posted in the Husband’s Cancer Support Group – Finding Inner Strength:

A number of years ago I was the network systems administrator responsible for an exhaustive number of circuits, computers and peripheral equipment and along came electronic mail, aka, e-mail.  My boss looked at me before I started to establish accounts for the hundreds of individuals requiring their first email account and quoted “Electronic Mail will be the demise of effective leadership” and I knew exactly what he was talking about.  Rather than dealing with a difficult situation face-to-face, your boss, who sits about 90 feet from your desk, can now pen his/her decision, worklist, rant, etc., without any regard for input from you, your team, etc. 

I learned this morning, through a phone call with our dear friend Cindi that the name “Men’s Cancer Support Group” was a bit misleading to a number of women she had spoken with since we began this group. The women thought this was a group for men who had cancer. So today, through effective communications with each other, I was able to HEAR, ACCEPT, and CHANGE the name of at least this weblog and with effective communications from the men who meet within this group they will be able to spread the word without the loss of meaning and understanding. 

Thank you Cindi! 

Though this post is extremely brief, I believe we can all walk away with a small lesson learned … if you want it done right – CONFRONT IT.  This is exactly the type of approach we take here on the 1st Thursday of every month.  We are husbands, we are partners, and we are the men our fathers would be proud of for the way we stand side by side with those affected by this awful disease. 

Until next time.




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