Improving Our Outcome

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe” – Gustave Flaubert

Below was originally posted in the Husband’s Support Group – Finding Inner Strength:

I assume we all watch the local news in the evening, perhaps we even watch the world news when we’re finally home.  The jacket has been hung up, the tri-tip is ready for the grill and you’re wondering whether those fresh bell peppers are going to be roasted or added to the salad from the night before.  You’ve read the day’s mail, made the necessary phone calls to your insurance company telling them the bill should have been referred to the supplemental insurance company.  Finally, you’ve asked your child if he or she has started or completed their homework, and as you see it – another day is in the books. Whew!  This little scenario takes place here in our home along the river each and every day with the exceptions of Friday.  Fridays are as if all the air in the balloon has been released and it’s time to open a bottle of wine and recount all the achievements of the week which is something we probably don’t give ourselves enough credit for.  The life of everyone involved with cancer is completely disrupted the day the diagnosis knocked on the door.  How we deal with that news is left completely in your hands and rests upon your shoulders … as you have read in the many posts to this blog in the past sixteen months I completed quite a bit of research before walking through another door to the unknown with our special lady, and now that we seem to have things in order my research has stalled, or at least been shifted to Husband’s Cancer Support Group.  When you live with cancer, as my bride is doing, the research never ends.  Last night, after a phenomenally busy few days at work, Bonnie jumped on the laptop to continue researching whatever she can find on the subject of breast cancer and last night it would appear, at least from first glance, she hit a wealth of information regarding a landmark study in breast cancer from the United Kingdom which I want to share with you. The headline from BBC News Health is “Breast Cancer rules rewritten in “landmark” study with an opening paragraph which states “What we currently call breast cancer should be thought of as 10 completely separate diseases, according to an international study which has been described as “landmark”.  The bottom of this page includes a link to the BBC Health page on Breast Cancer itself with a listing of definitions which you also may find useful.

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful weekend with each other.




3 thoughts on “Improving Our Outcome

  1. Hey Paul. I just wanted to say again what a great thing you are doing with the support group. I don’t think you know – but I lost a very good friend of 30 years to an aggressive form of cancer a couple of months ago. She was 51. She loved life so very much and it just makes you ask – why??? But I suppose the universe has its reasons… Another friend said that what a shame it was that someone with such a love for life had a body that didn’t. (I’m papaphrasing, but it was along those lines….). Never easy – but so great that you are able to help others heal.

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