A Happy Customer

One of my lifelong dreams has been to own, operate and work my own breakfast diner.  I suspect the dream has been the result of enjoying the first meal of the day with the locals, reading the morning paper, discussing the woes and throes of the local sports teams and then heading back home to evaluate the list of chores that normally presents itself.  The morning crowd has always done something positive for me.  This is not to say I’ve shied away from the evening crowd gatherings all these years, for which can be reserved for a whole different discussion.  I enjoy waking early with a clear head, taking in that first breath outside alone and wondering what the hours in front hold.  The past month or so I’ve been alternating my weekends between this quiet little town for another peaceful little place nearly one hundred miles to the northeast where I’ve been helping my friend resurrect his concrete patio.  Andy is up there alone this weekend forming and preparing the next stage for the concrete pour which he’s most adept at and in the mornings at Clearlake the kitchen is abuzz with whatever concoction of bacon, sweet bell peppers, onions, eggs and flour tortilla shells I can create.  This weekend however we celebrate Mother’s Day, and this morning my bride asked me to create my bacon & cheese omelet which I realize sounds relatively simple, which of course it is, unless the guy in front of the gas range really loves what he’s doing so with a side dish of crisp red Fuji apples the morning meal was presented to my wife, adorned in the Red Sox hoodie, while she watched her favorite HGTV program this morning.  I doubt very seriously if I’ll ever open, operate and enjoy the fruits and labors of opening a breakfast diner, but I’ll tell you this … putting a smile on your brides face with something as simple as whipped and folded eggs over a mountain of cheese and bacon is okay with me, and when served with a smile and love, there’s truly one happy customer here in the house.  The kitchen is clean, the belly is full and our batteries are charged.  Now where’s that “to-do list”?





One thought on “A Happy Customer

  1. That wife of yours deserves nothing but the best and I think she found him!! Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful lady!

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