Besides New York (Part 2)

Good morning.  In a recent post I discussed the need for negative attention for the team my bride and I watch religiously each afternoon; our beloved Boston Red Sox. While the BOSOX have won the past seven of nine games, the standings in the American League East of the junior circuit would indicate they have mathematically damaged themselves for each week of this young baseball season based on the parallel that seven and half weeks into the season is the same number of games they are out of first place, though the way they played yesterday and the determination they displayed are two big reasons we grab the remote and fire up the flat screen for another afternoon hoping for one in the win column.

On the 13th of May, 2011, I posted a piece entitled “Besides New York” and while that piece was written with breast cancer alive and well here in the house, it was also fueled by the number of beers in my system and the arrogance of the question “Besides New York, what do you believe is the best sports city in the country?” followed with the choices (A) Boston, (B) Chicago and (C) Philadelphia.  Like their place in the current AL East standings, Boston, a.k.a. THE HUB came out on the short end of the stick which hardly surprised me since the question was posted out of NYC.  What did enrage me was their arrogance.

Today is a new day, one of sunshine and smiles.  The northern California sunshine is regular this time of year and the smiles … well, we have a breast cancer survivor here in this house, plenty to smile about, and while my fingers whale away on this keyboard this morning, a quick glance at the clock tells me we’ll be watching the SOX and Phillies game in roughly ninety minutes.  It’s Sunday morning and while the girls were busying themselves downstairs, my REM sleep was creating an idea for the day which is to learn to make soft pretzels like those you’d purchase on the street, and my research this morning revealed the following (which I love) … “New York City is known for its sidewalk pretzel vendors, but the U.S. origin of the handheld snack is actually Pennsylvania.  Legend has it that in the 1850’s a hobo gave the recipe for soft pretzels to a bread baker in Lititz, Pennsylvania, to thank him for his kindness.  The baker passed the recipe along to his apprentice who later opened the first pretzel bakery in America.  Baked pretzels follow a simple recipe that consists of just a few ingredients.  In a few hours, you can have soft, fresh pretzels at home without having to travel to a baseball game, mall or New York City.”

The primary purpose of this blog has always been to provide you useful information and for you New Yorkers you’ll be happy to know your secret for inventing the soft pretzel has been revealed to actually be in a beautiful little town well west of The Bronx where coincidentally a long-time friend of mine runs a quaint little Bed & Breakfast in the very little town where the soft pretzel was invented; Lititz, PA.  I am sure all is well with the proprietors; John and Heidi and I’ll let each of you know how well my own version of the soft pretzel is received by the Red Sox fans here in our quiet home along the river some 3500 miles from the greatest ball park in all of baseball.

Information on the invention of the soft pretzel courtesy of:  How to Bake Pretzels |




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