One Lovely Blog Award

Where do I begin? Our days are filled encountering new people, new ways of doing business, new friendships and new beginnings in the preferred face to face mode or here on the binary platform where we bloggers take our word to the masses.

I am extremely honored to be recognized by Sue Bock (Coach Sue) for her nomination for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  This blog I’ve been working on since January 2011 has been my therapy and a way to pass the word on the day-to-day grind dealing with breast cancer tumors, biopsies, surgeries, endless nights of worry and finally the achievements of watching my bride become a breast cancer survivor.  There has certainly been some courage in this breast cancer adventure and I have my wife, her surgeons, our two daughters and an entire network known as “Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters” to thank for keeping me grounded these past seventeen months.

The “One Lovely Blog Award” has similar rules to many blogging awards.

          Give generous thanks to the blogger that nominated you

          Write Seven things about yourself

          Make a list of 15 bloggers you admire and let them know how awesome they are! These will be the folks in the next round of honorees for the “One Lovely Blog Award”

Thank you again Sue – thank you for always reading and taking the time to solicit your heartfelt comments on any subject.

Seven very random things about Paul Edward Cheney:

    Have taught the children to remove the word “hate” from their vocabularies

    Will be an advocate for anyone if I feel they are getting the short end of the stick

    Have left my footprints in five of seven continents, including Antarctica

    Dislikes authority

    Married to my high school sweetheart

    Would like to invite the following to dinner: Tom Waits, Bill Belichick and Cam Neely

    There are three kinds of beer in this world: Free, Cold and Stolen and I love all of them.  Particularly fond of Red Ales and craft microbrews with a high octane value.

Now, for the bloggers that I admire – and this list is a no-brainer!  I do not have an exhaustive list of those I follow, so the requisite 15 has been reduced to a robust 5, but this list is a must for a myriad of reasons.  Please visit their blogs and give that shout-out and let them know the great work they’re doing by keeping us up to date with their information share:

  1. – Cookie Crumbs is all about a beautiful English bulldog.  I had the opportunity to meet the author of this blog at a bulldog show in Sacramento a couple years back and her writings show the rewards of bulldog ownership.
  2. – A day in the life a sassy Texas girl dealing with breast cancer and its messy aftermath.  Nancy and I have share a number of comments and stories.  Her son Trevor is huge Boston Red Sox fan as well who is celebrating his birthday today.
  3. – The author and I have known each other a great number of years and I cannot express how proud I am of her, her husband Robert and the great work she has undertaken in the world of Yoga. 
  4. – This blog on Dogs, Books and Beer has been a wealth of information, particularly in the beer department.  I have been turned on to some phenomenal tasting beers thanks to the time Ross has spent advertising his bounces along Barley Lane.
  5. – It’s always nice to know there’s someone writing about life here in Wine Country.  This young lady does her very best to keep us all informed of the goings on here in Sonoma County.

Sue – my thanks again for this nomination!  I am touched beyond words.




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