Relaxed & Thankful

Relaxed and thankful this morning.  The morning’s music set has been Frank Sinatra and now John Mayer is playing his way into my heart. ¶ Bonnie is at her desk once again and both girls are off to work. ¶ Moments ago I received a photo from our oldest while she was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to which I responded “You’re not on the Mark Clark any longer kid … look where life has taken you!” ¶ I know it takes us, some longer than others, a certain amount of time to understand just how good we have it.  A friend of ours; (original member of Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters) recently returned from a business trip which took her to the outreaches of Mumbai; the fourth most populous city in the world.  During her visit she recognized how happy the children there were and compared to the populace of the United States – the residents of this capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra have absolutely nothing, yet they’re happy to be alive. ¶ As our oldest crosses into the city by the bay for her internship with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival she does so without any real idea what her tomorrows hold for her.  Hell, none of us really have an idea about our future, but my reference to the Mark Clark earlier is a bridge in South Carolina which we drove every morning on her way to school at the Charleston School of the Arts.  Those drives each dawn were the best thirty minutes of my day leading up to the 5:PM whistle before I headed home to all the girls. ¶ Now we find ourselves along the shores of the Pacific and a text from Taylor reminds me “look where life has taken all of us!” … So true.  Glad to be here relaxed and thankful.




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