Fat Tires & Pink Lemonade

… and then she said “I could go for a drink!” … at the time I was carrying a 9×12 piece of carpet to replace the smell of bulldog in the house.  As I walked through the busy section of the mall in Corte Madera with my sights deadlocked on the back of the car I heard those words from Bonnie and responded “okay, you go in and get us two spots at the bar, I’ll get this to the car and be right back!” … not an entirely shitty way to spend the mid-afternoon hours.  ¶ Our bartender was full of information and the Giants were hosting the Rangers on the two televisions above the bar.  Not exactly the game we were hoping for, but out of geographic respect we thoroughly understood our situation.  Bonnie ordered a simple “pink lemonade” which came in what I can only describe as a parfait glass.  One sip of her afternoon cocktail inferred nothing but “trouble”.  This wonderful drink is a combination of Skyy Citrus Vodka, Raspberry Liquer and Fresh Lemonade.  Fortunately we’re only thirty minutes away from the house and I’m ordering pints of the Fat Tire.  ¶ With nothing really pressing on our agenda this sugared rim dandy was just what the afternoon called for.  We each had pair of cocktails and then back into the car to remove the smell of English bulldog from the house.  Fortunately Logan was home from her job when we arrived and she helped me remove the old rug which has been with us for a number of years 😦  and before we knew it our oldest was walking in the door from her lifeguarding job and game 7 between the Celtics and Miami was just starting. ¶ I pissed off any neighbors within ¼ mile of our place after firing up the grill for the evening meal of grilled burgers and sausage accompanied by some homemade coleslaw I had made earlier in the morning.  ¶ The results of game 7 were not exactly what we had planned for but then again … walking through the mall with a 100 pound piece of carpet over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry hearing “I could go for a drink!” was not expected either.  It’s now early morning here and there’s nary a sound at all in the neighborhood.  I took my morning stroll and smelled the jasmine, enjoyed the tall evergreens and the quiet of the river.  It’s Sunday and there’s nothing on the agenda other than starting the coffee for the girls!  ¶ Hope yours is the same.




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