Is Blogging an Aerobic Exercise?

I was outside in the early dawn today providing a morning meal to all the plants along the landscape, and with one cup of coffee ingested and one cup delivered upstairs to the woman of the house I stood there with the hose saying good morning to the jasmines, cape hollies, verbena while thinking of the day ahead.  My mind is always geared for blogging.  I feel like I’ve fallen asleep at the switch when there’s not an entry posted, as though I’m cheating you from the intended purpose of this blog; the day to day of living with breast cancer.  Fortunately (knock wood) there’s been little to write about in that regard since our last visit to Sutter Pacific which got me thinking about the subject of blogging altogether in the medicinal sense.  We’ve globe trotted from the shores of the Pacific to Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Jamaica, China, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Guam (newest visitor!) Canada, France and the United Kingdom.  While we still need a representative from North Dakota, South Dakota and New Mexico to capture all fifty states; we have networked out to 6500+ visitors since the very first blog.  So here’s my question:  With all this traveling, when can we consider blogging an aerobic exercise?  Enjoy the day – spend it with humor, spend it at the beach, spend it at the pub, spend it with your friends, and certainly spend it with those you call “family.” 




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