Paint it Black You Devil

There’s really nothing simple about being industrious.  We can make all the “to-do” lists in the world; in fact making these lists is probably the easiest part of the task.  It’s not until you actually crack open that can of paint, or unload the sixteen bags of dry cement out of your pickup, or stare down a blank sheet of paper and begin your journal.  I think we are born to be industrious and for reasons unbeknownst to me we either allow others to do the work for us, hire a contractor and just take the “to-do” list and toss it in the trash or we dive in with both feet regardless of the perils that await and knock it out.  Completing a task, regardless of its size is a measureable achievement and as I prepared to sit outside this morning to start this piece I destroyed the industrious efforts of the local spiders appearing to have more ownership on my outdoor deck chairs than I.  I have introduced a number of singer/songwriters in this blog; Tom Waits, Bruce, and a sprinkling of others but I don’t believe I’ve ever discussed Mick and the boys as a reference for any posting.  I grew up with the Stones and I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember which live Stones album provides a young ladies voice from the crowd imploring Mick to paint it black as she yells from her seat “Paint it black you devil” … Mick has his own playlist and although the offering is a great part of that album it’s doubtful the boys need a “to-do” list from their fans.  My fingers this morning are dotted with black paint as a result of some early morning industriousness, this after a Friday night of frivolity with the girls and a neighbor no less.  I came downstairs this morning to add weight to our glass recycling, put the cheese boards away and tidy up the kitchen before I start in on my little surprise for Bonnie by painting the lower cabinets black.  We were both exhausted last Saturday after completing the upper cabinets so I thought I’d finish things this morning while she continued her slumber and surprise her with a cup of coffee and brand new cabinets.  So it’s now just turning to 9:AM, the coffee is done, things have been painted [black], the flowers have all been watered and the entire day lies in wait.  I’m already looking forward to her face this morning when she descends into the kitchen to find an entirely new kitchen we can all work from.  Remember … it’s the little things, and it’s now time to kick back and enjoy this northern California summer.  Hope you all are doing something industrious for each other this weekend.




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