Fifteen Minutes

It’s 11:45 AM when I started this and you’ll understand the reason for the time in a moment.  I was the first to awake this Father’s Day morning.  Our two girls decided to sleep downstairs last night where the room was cool after the recent installation of a window air conditioner.  Though they both slumbered, there are still things requiring my attention in the nearby kitchen which includes cleaning the crockpot from yesterday’s slow cooking pork experiment to making the morning coffee.  I hate to disturb them while they sleep but chores are chores and their decision to sleep downstairs, well you know where I’m going.  I transported the laptop outside to the porch to catch up on things and heard a whispered “good morning Papa” from the window signifying our youngest had awoke.  Time to turn that coffee pot on!  I took my position on the stairs and chatted quietly with Logan who will be leaving us today for a week long leadership camp in Occidental, CA.  She’s entirely organized, packed, etc., though there’s been a secret little message I tucked into her luggage earlier this morning to help motivate her during this week away from family, her social calendar and her new part-time job at Cordoza’s.  I love leaving these little notes for my girls.  The oldest one awoke with a big smile on her face and a little wave and I knew sitting here on the stairs was a perfect place to be as the girls in my life began to once again assemble into this four piece family of ours.  Logan is our little practicing chef who cranked out waffles for all of us, LuLu even enjoyed a bit of waffle of her own.  The first twenty minutes of any day where I can sit, listen and observe is all I will ever need on Father’s Day.  Truly.  A fantastic selection of cards were presented, though I wonder if they know I already have it all … cards not required.  Logan, our youngest off to do something very special on her own later this afternoon … Taylor off to her lifeguarding job later this morning earning her own money for her next and final semester of college and my wife Bonnie, who as well know is the impetus behind this very blog.  So with some five hundred words later I’ve let you know it’s Father’s Day, we’ve eaten a glorious homemade breakfast and we’ve spent time with each other we’ll never have again – with only the hope and confidence to know this morning session of ours will be repeated hundreds of times again and again at the same kitchen table my wife grew up with.  It’s now 12:00 PM and these fifteen minutes have been captured.  Fifteen minutes with those you love, exchanging ideas and opinions; none of which were cancer related.  Having a breast cancer survivor in the house has become commonplace – it’s a wonderful day and it only took me fifteen minutes to tell you this.  Here’s hoping your Father’s Day is very similar.




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