The Wheels on the Bus …

Stay-cation – Day 2.  In an order to document how well things have worked out during this mini and relaxing week we have to look no further than the word “unpredictable”. ¶ The to-do list prepared yesterday included our garden, the recycling, the SOX game, our weekly soiree and formulating a plan to revamp the garage.  As you read, the garden was tended to before posting yesterday’s piece, the visit to the recycling center, which is very local, went as planned though the two containers used for storing glass bottles were far heavier than normal as they registered 90 lbs on the scale – which equates to an uptick in the stock price for Miller High Life.  The recycling center was absolutely slammed yesterday though the number of customers would be classified as “rookies” arriving without a game plan.  I was lucky enough to arrive, get in line and be processed at the register inside ten minutes.  Yesterday’s post was read by an old friend of mine who happened to be in Afghanistan at the time finding the piece about the recycling center’s dental plan quite humorous.  There was a moment yesterday where the garage was at least looked at which included a trip into the attic – more on that project later.  The SOX game and our soiree worked well with each other though the food served was a helluva lot better than their [SOX] starting pitching staff – more on that project later.  ¶ The unpredictability quotient of the entire agenda for my first day of vacation didn’t start taking shape until well after we all went to bed.  Our oldest daughter’s internship with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is in full swing requiring more of her time in the city than normal.  She obtained a ride from co-worker yesterday requiring them to meet at Lagunitas Brewing here in Petaluma.  Bonnie dropped her off at one of the better watering holes here in town where Taylor had no problem finding a craft beer with the locals until her ride arrived.  Experienced drinkers at Lagunitas completely understand the octane level (very high alcohol by volume or ABV%), so Bonnie and I hoped her ride was not too late due to Taylor’s own experience with stout ABV’s with her time spent in Europe.  We also commented that she’ll more than likely sleep well on the bus ride home from San Francisco with those beers in her system.  You never really think those thoughts would come to fruition, particularly when you’re talking about your own child, but earlier this morning, about 2:AM, our oldest called our youngest to let her know when the bus had pulled into the Petaluma location she was sound asleep and did not awake until it arrived in Cotati. Taylor’s woes with the bus driver fell on deaf ears requiring mom and Logan to get in the car to pick her up.  When I heard the door close I guessed it was Taylor arriving, unbeknownst to me the entire crew were coming home from their little post midnight roadtrip!  I can’t imagine what was going through our oldest’s mind after stepping into the darkness without a ride.  Am actually surprised she didn’t just start hoofing it home as I may have done at the same age, but fortunately there’s this thing called a cellphone which the girls are quite adept at using and within moments their mother and sister were off to the rescue. ¶ Today’s to-do list includes:

  • Hooking up with Bonnie’s cousin Cindy
  • Red Sox / Blue Jays game
  • Adding to the recycling
  • Tending to the garden
  • No planned trips for anyone into San Francisco

Day 2 started off with a 6:AM arrival – darn body clock … hopefully the girls will continue to sleep for many hours after their mid-morning adventure.  More to follow.




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