Crushing the Grape

Stay-cation day 3.  This morning I find myself in a very relaxed stated out in the garden listening to the water recently applied to the verbena gently dripping into Logan’s planted wildflowers which are growing nicely. ¶ The sunshine this morning would indicate another warm day here though the activity inside the house infers a rather busy day.  Our youngest turns 17 years old tomorrow and for those of you that personally know us – you know what birthdays mean for this house – an entire day of reflection rather than the hour or so at the table with cake and ice cream.  This is a tradition Bonnie started years ago which reflects on her own birthdays as a child.  The day starts with gift giving, as the clock finds its way into the afternoon the gifts are still being unwrapped with a finale near the end of the day. ¶ Bonnie and I have planned out Logan’s birthday carefully this year and this morning Logan busies herself in her bedroom clearing out those posters on her walls that one day were popular though now appear juvenile.  She wants a bedroom which closely identifies with her age so this afternoon we’ll be mounting some odd and funky shaped shelves and frames for her black and white photography to give her the room she wants.  I cannot use today’s post to provide you all the delicious details as I never know who may be reading things today so we’ll leave things alone until tomorrow. ¶ Things went off without a hitch with regards to day two’s agenda … Cousin Cindy arrived on time and the laughter began and it continued through lunch and drinks at a new pizzeria in town with an ample wine supply known as Rosso’s … the wine continued to be crushed at Sugo and we found ourselves at the 4:PM hour which meant it was time to head home for the SOX/Jays game … no laughter there.  The boys at Fenway are finding new and different ways to let Red Sox Nation down, so once again – more to follow on that situation. ¶ Unbeknownst to me, Taylor (our oldest) worked all day as a lifeguard and came in the house like a hurricane in order to meet the number 80 bus bound for Mission St. in San Francisco to continue her work with the film festival. ¶ Logan’s girlfriend Katy took her out for a birthday dinner last night leaving Bonnie and I to our own devices for the remainder of the evening.  A perfect day – a perfect evening. ¶ We love having Cindy here in town with us – she’s such a world traveler so whatever time she can spare with us in the little time she does have here in the Bay area is certainly a treat. ¶ Today’s to-do list includes:

  • Arranging and mounting Logan’s new shelves in her bedroom
  • Tending to the garden
  • Adding to the recycling buckets
  • Red Sox/Blue Jays
  • Staying in touch with Taylor during another busy day in the city
  • Continued preparation for Logan’s birthday tomorrow

Seventeen years ago today we were living in on the Cape and we had not yet decided on a name for our child – that in itself is a story.  In these past seventeen years we’ve moved from the Cape to our home in South Carolina where we owned three different homes and have wandered all the way across country to where I sit this morning on the third day of this extremely relaxing respite.  Nice.  ¶ See you tomorrow. ¶ Cindy – thanks for the laughs (as always)!! We all “heart” you …




3 thoughts on “Crushing the Grape

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  2. And I “heart” you guys right back! Had a blast visiting, won’t be so long next time! And will have little G in tow soon so we’ll definitely plan a follow-up visit 🙂

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