An Emotional Rescue

The headline on this morning’s sports page read “Emotional Rescue” regarding the ejection of the skipper of the Boston Red Sox before a 10 inning victory in the Bronx for Red Sox Nation.  The media is now trying to parallel last night’s “spark” to that of the 2004 roughing of the pinstripes when Jason Varitek manhandled the Yankees third baseman.  Bonnie and I watched last night’s game and we were both full of venom as the game began.  Neither of us knew it would go into extra innings at the outset though high fives were flying as Alfredo Aceves came in to put up another “W” and get out of the Bronx with a pair of wins over a team with a sizeable, and dare I say daunting lead in the American League East.   We, along with Red Sox Nation, understand the SOX themselves have dug a hole plenty deep enough to cause all kinds of problems for the second half of the season, we get that, and with the trade deadline only now hours away, we also understand there could be some movement where one or two very highly paid, non performing stars on the current roster may be dealt, but the great thing about last night’s ball game was another example of doing things together; win or lose. ¶ This morning Bonnie heads east to Travis to conduct another test, this test also known as the BRCA2 test will look for changes in her BRCA2 DNA proteins.  This is a blood sample test with results normally received in two weeks.  Oddly enough, specific mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 are more common in certain populations, i.e., three specific mutations; two in the BRCA1 gene and one in the BRCA2 gene are the most common mutations found in these genes is the Ashkenazi Jewish population.  It is not known whether the increased frequency of these mutations is responsible for the increased risk of breast cancer in Jewish populations compared with non-Jewish populations.  I first wrote of the Ashkenazi gene on March 7th, 2011 in a post titled “Redefining Pre-Op” – back in those ‘daze’ new terms were being delivered faster than either of us could research them.  A paragraph from that post includes: Tonight I sit here (Monday night) watching the three ladies in my life enjoy the nightly fruit dessert I create in the afternoon after walking in the door.  Tonight’s wine glasses includes the recent harvesting of strawberries, kiwis, pears, blackberries, white & red grapes, and a girl scout cookie on the bottom! What’s life without a nice surprise, right? As they sit there watching all the previous contestants of this show snap back at each other I share with you my own definition of a healthy pre-op.” ¶ We were a week away from Bonnie’s double mastectomy at the time of that post, and as I continue to read from so many days past, where all the girls in my life were all under one roof at the time and I remember Taylor’s visit home as being timed so perfectly to allow the two of them to share that precious time before Bonnie’s surgery … this morning as she heads east she’ll do so with both girls by her side and although our special girls’ doctor visit will be vastly contrast to that of her March 13th, 2011 visit it’s comforting to know she’ll be doing it with both of her children by her side providing an emotional rescue from the breast cancer we’ve lived with and the breast cancer survivor we love and support. ¶ For additional information on the Cancer topics to include BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation – consult this website:




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