Comes in Threes

Every now and then you get surprised by the little things in life. Bonnie and I have each received some pretty darn good news recently, and I’ll start with the recent news coming out of TRICARE.  Turns out the recent test Bonnie recently completed to track the gene mutation (if any) in her system has been approved by TRICARE!  Two laboratory-developed tests have been approved for coverage by TRICARE under a demonstration project: the BRACAnalysis BRCA1 and BRCA2 tests, and also the Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay. BRACAnalysis testing assesses a woman’s risk of developing hereditary breast or ovarian cancers. TRICARE providers will be prepared to accept patients under this demonstration project by September 30, 2012; however, coverage for the approved use of these tests is retroactive to May 22, 2012. Beneficiaries should speak with their primary health care professional or their regional contractor to determine their eligibility for having these tests performed as a TRICARE benefit. Find regional contractor contact information at”  It’s always nice when the medical bills arrive and the bottom line reads “YOU PAY>>>> $0.00 <<<<<<” The truly great thing about this test is that Bonnie is one of few women, as she has recently learned, that has undergone these new procedures.  The women she spoke with at her “Mending Under the Moon” cancer retreat several weeks ago had never heard of these tests which gives us both another reason to smile as we certainly feel in capable hands with her surgeon; Dr. Laura Norton who provides Bonnie with her research..  We are still waiting for the results of this test, though it’s nice to know at least the payment for the test is covered.  Is there really any worst news than … “your results are in and we would like to see you, and then get billed for it as well?” ¶ The other good news comes from the good folks at Sutter Health here in Sonoma County.  They have asked me to be a featured speaker at their upcoming “Catwalk for A Cure” which takes place on October 5th under the big white tent at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. ¶ I have been truly blessed and now get an opportunity to stand in front of 540 guests with my story about how breast cancer has touched my life. – piece of cake, and only too honored to be asked. ¶ We are also in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, and now with a brand new stainless steel backsplash, it’s time to install an oven that fits the bill.  So after a week or so with an ad on Craigslist to sell our current oven we met a wonderful Petaluman yesterday who came by with a deposit to purchase the same! ¶ We were still six numbers shy of winning last night’s MegaMillions however. ¶ As I’ve expressed a hundred times in this blog … “it’s the little things.”  Here’s hoping you’ve also had some wonderful news this week. ¶ Cheers! … and by the way … here’s to the 25th nation reading this blog … “Welcome Aboard Finland!”




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