Super Sweet (Award)

This post is two-fold.  First I’d like to recognize one very special reader of this blog; Coach Sue for her regular reading, comments and her positive outlook on the reality and purpose of this blog.  Coach Sue has once again nominated me for another blogger’s award – this one is the “Super Sweet Award”.  After some research on this particular award I have found it relates on how the readers perceive my everyday actions to the enrichments of family.  I will provide the answers to the five requisite questions at the end of this post, but first, I’d like to share with you a story about the power of writing and the treasures that can be found when you are flat-out fearless with the your own confidence and writing style.  I owe the next portion of this blog to our 17-year old daughter Logan who takes crap from no one – not even the counter personnel at her favorite store; Nordstrom’s …¶ Writers write, right? I learned a valuable lesson from our youngest daughter recently who walked away from the counter at Nordstrom’s in Corte Madera in a fit.  She worked hard all summer and had been eyeing a Marc Jacobs handbag (did I just really say that?) in preparation for her one day shopping trip with her girlfriends.  Last weekend they all headed out for a day of fun and shopping for the final year of high school. A day she looked forward to with all the freedom that comes with having a bank account all her own.  She finally had her hands on a Marc Jacobs bag known as “Natasha”.  Oddly enough the counter girl at Nordstrom’s was also named “Natasha”.  Natasha ruined Logan’s big day by running her debit card like it was some sort of toy – ran it four or five times eventually resulting with the word “DECLINED”  😦 .  Logan was upset when she got home (without her big purchase) but upon arriving home she did not sit on the couch and sulk.  Logan is another writer in the family and she sought out two positions at Nordstrom’s where she could voice her displeasure via email on the events earlier in the day.  What followed subsequently is normally reserved for a Hollywood scriptwriter.  Wouldn’t you know she received an email from Erik Nordstrom himself conveying his displeasure with the entire event?  Emails were coming in rapidly the following Monday afternoon from Nordstrom personnel who were going out of their way to repair this situation and even by offering to personally deliver her new Marc Jacobs bag right to our front door.  Little did they know we were about two exits away from Nordstrom’s at the time.  Logan, a girl who has been well trained in women’s clothing walked on into Nordstrom’s on her own and took care of business.  Bonnie and I were puttering around Pottery Barn and thirty minutes later Logan walked in with the bag she had waited on all summer.  Writers write, right?   ¶ Logan continues to impress us with her style, her panache and finesse as a young lady and I find it only fitting to be providing you answers to the “Super Sweet Award” at the same time I’m applauding our daughter’s efforts in this public forum. ¶ Coach Sue has found what I offer on this page inspirational enough and “Sweet Enough” to nominate me for my third blogging award.  The rules for the same are simple enough:

 1.    Give credit to the wonderful person who chose to award you;

2.    Answer the “Super Sweet” questions;

3.    Nominate 13 other bloggers; (this one will be a struggle so I may be reducing the baker’s dozen slightly); and

4.    Answer the Super Sweet Questions, which are:

a.    Cookies or Cake? – Clearly cookies.  In fact there’s a host of phenomenal cookies where my friend, Andy and I have lunch each day and I do what I can to reduce their inventory.  Snicker Doodles is and always has been my favorite.

b.    Chocolate or Vanilla? – The age old question.  For me there’s nothing more pleasing than a bowl of Vanilla ice cream.  I have memories of making my dad’s dessert in the evening which included a slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream and for my money Vanilla will always be top dog.

c.    What is your favorite sweet treat? – As the girls in my life will tell you I’m not a huge “sweet treat” fan.  There’s a candy store here in town the girls love to visit and every now and then I’ll fill a bag of plain and peanut M&M’s which will last me a month or so.

d.    When do you crave sweet things the most? – For some reason, a night of wine drinking kicks those cravings on and luckily the candy store previously mentioned is directly behind our favorite little wine bar.

e.    If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? – “Honey” just as my wife’s caller ID would attest!

To keep things Super Sweet (and short), these four nominees demand your attention – for all kinds of sweet reasons:

  1. Nancy from The Pink Underbelly who has also dealt triumphantly with breast cancer.
  2. Sheri from Sheri’s Yoga/Toa Musings who knows that it takes the heart of a champion to do it the way you want it done.
  3. Lauren from After Five Years who was one of my first supporters when my blog first started.  Her blog takes on the emotional side of breast cancer and life’s other travails … and she lived happily ever after.
  4. M.L. from Words We Never Said … has also been a long time supporter.  Her poetry alone has prompted me time and again to read this regularly updated and artistic blog.




3 thoughts on “Super Sweet (Award)

  1. Love it Logan!! You go girl! And Paul… there is something really funny about you getting an award with the word “sweet” in it… but of course I am visiting memory lane from more than 30 years ago. Sweet is not how I would have described you then. But today I am more than a fan of your inspirational words, gratitude for life and family and fantastic sense of humor. And that’s sweet! xox

  2. You ‘re so impressive! I don’t reckon Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this topic. I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!.

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