Bone Scan Results: NEGATIVE

I started a recent post with the sentence “The rewards of an attentive family (and network) are tested regularly for breast cancer patients.”  The verb “tested” was in full play yesterday as we walked into Redwood Regional Medical Group in Santa Rosa yesterday for Bonnie’s bone scan. ¶ As they say “two heads are better than one” and for those of you following Bonnie’s progress these past eighteen months you’ve been able to understand one important factor required to beat breast cancer; LOVE.  Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; this blog is just that – they are words which have helped me convey to you what we’ve been up against, what doors we’d need to be knocking on in the future and best of all; what we’ve achieved, many of which have been responded to with your kind words of encouragement and support. ¶ In the extremely short span of the past fifteen days our phones have rang with the results of two extremely important breast cancer related exams; Gene Mutation on the 16th and again yesterday with my bride’s bone scan. ¶ Before leaving the office yesterday I plugged in Dr. Amy Shaw’s phone number into my cell phone and then headed for the streets of San Rafael for a quiet lunch with each other to take in the sights of another gorgeous little Northern California town.  While walking 4th Street with the sun on our backs my phone rang.  ¶ Bonnie settled herself on a nearby bench and the word negative was heard, and then repeated!!  After a brief display of public affection we headed to the car for our return to Petaluma. ¶ As many of you learned yesterday through a brief posting on Facebook, we’ve passed another test, and this one is huge because the alternative would have … and how do I say this nicely? SUCKED – yea that’s the word I was looking for.  On deck:  OOPHORECTOMY.  No, I am not prepping for a game of Scrabble … the two of us concurred with Dr. Shaw’s recommendation, as have the other members of Bonnie’s medical staff.  More to follow as we prepare for what “should be” her final exam scheduled for October 1st. ¶  Thank you to all of you that shook that Magic 8-ball the past few days in support, “Outlook good” continues to show itself!




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