To realize what parts of our gene makeup gets passed along to our children can often provide surprising results. ¶ As you know Bonnie and I have raised two girls; Taylor and Logan.  The four years which separate them in birth year’s matters very little as we look at how they’ve each developed.  Our youngest was up long before the sun this morning and when I popped into her room before my morning walk to find out what was going on I learned she was preparing for the “Senior Sunrise”.  An annual event of the senior class at Petaluma High … later this year she’ll be attending the “Senior Sunset”. ¶ On the other coast, some 3,000 miles away, our other senior is preparing for an event she and her roommate have put together for this Saturday at their off-campus residence. ¶  They’ve realized with their own place, and their own budget, they needed to become clever while putting a stamp on their place to uniquely call it their own. ¶ Via Skype, we’ve seen the early stages of their endeavor which received quite a bit of applause and praise.  They have created their own “art gallery” though the works of “art” they’ve reclaimed from trash bins and dumpsters across the University campus.  Clever indeed!  During our recent Skype session I offered up the word “Trashterpieces” which they quickly adopted.  Later that evening my eyelids wrestled with my creative lobe and sleep was delayed another thirty or so minutes as I hustled down to the kitchen and forwarded the following to them to help them kick off their first showing:


Oil on canvas, paint by number …
A few will catch your eye
Your mind will remember …
Others not fared so well
Perhaps even tragic …
Enjoy your walk through our creation
For what we have provided here
Is nothing less than a little magic …

If your travels include Columbia, SC this weekend, you may quite possibly experience a once in a lifetime glimpse at just how creative two young ladies can be.  Best of luck girls!




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