24 Years & Counting

As a joke, I was recently asked “Paul, do you know what time it is?” and because the question was framed to test my memory I really couldn’t remember the correct answer.  The question came from a young lady who I’ve known since my days at Brown School Elementary, back in Beverly, MA and the reason for the question was the gifts we handed out to the ushers on the day of our wedding; September 25th, 1988. ¶ Today Bonnie and I are a little over 3,000 miles from the Charles River where we hosted one hell of a wedding and there are hundreds of thousands of miles under our collective soles since we said “I do” to each other. ¶  I’ll share a funny story with all of you to give you a peak into what Bonnie was quickly learning to deal with as my wife.  Due to a hurricane that destroyed the majority of the places we had originally planned on we decided at the last minute to head across the border to our quiet neighbor to the north; Montreal. ¶ So, we’re husband and wife on day one of this voyage and we head to Logan Airport with plenty of time to settle in.  I don’t remember how or why we learned we’d need at least a Voters Registration to show proof of U.S. citizenship before being allowed into Canada but we learned it at some point while waiting to board our plane.  In a flash the two of us were taking a taxi to Boston City Hall to get our voter’s registration cards!  The polite young lady at the counter okayed everything and said I should be receiving them in the next week or so … I guess she didn’t sense the urgency.  I told her I need these papers today, like RIGHT NOW!  “Well, do you have some papers proving where you live?” “Look, I live at 55 E. Jeffries Street, in E. Boston and have just moved in, so no I do not have any papers like a water bill, etc.”  She then sensed the criticalness and before you know it, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cheney were in the system as residents of East Boston! ¶ This of course was all a sham, but we had what we needed and it was back to Logan Airport to relax and catch our breath.  After the quick 55-minute flight into Montreal on a gray and wintry afternoon we pulled those two new documents out and ready to present to customs … who simply looked at the two of and said “Welcome to Canada, enjoy your trip!” … you know it would have been 180 degrees different had we arrived without citizenship papers.  Anyway … we enjoyed the Rues of Montreal for the next three weeks, caught a Bruins/Canadians game at the old Forum and truly enjoyed the beginning of what has become quite the ride. ¶ It’s nearing the end of the workday where Bonnie and Logan are busying themselves for a dinner of clams and linguini so I’ll wrap things up by finally answering the question: “Yes, I do know what time it is … it’s time to start another twenty four years with this great bride of mine!”

Happy Anniversary honey!




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