Celebrating Life

Sometimes more is said with less and to maintain the subjectivity of a blog dedicated to the words we’ve used to help our special lady with throes of breast cancer diagnosis, survivorship and all the miles in between. Tonight we roll into the Marin Center Exhibit Hall as participants and guests of the To Celebrate Life’s annual “Stepping Out” event. ¶ When Bonnie was first diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer I remember contacting one of those “big names” associated with raising funds for breast cancer.  Naturally I wanted to be a part of their 3-day walk-a-thon only to find out later the amount of monies required just to be involved.  My wife and I were up against a “wall of unknown” and the phone at my desk rang regularly with requests from this organization as to when they can expect my payment.  My payment? I wasn’t exactly sure as to how I’d be paying for this “wall of unknown” and although naiveté was almost certain, I was damn sure this organization would be receiving nada from my account to allow me to walk for three days.  There’s clearly more to this story than what I am providing here and while my fingers have that impulsiveness fever soaring through them this morning I am almost positive I’ll regret mentioning the events of the past to the binary brood reading this. ¶ Tonight we head to the first black-tie event of the year, and we do so to Celebrate Life.  This event has harvested new relationships for Bonnie with women whom know of the “wall of unknown”. ¶ Tonight I will be sitting with the President of the Board for To Celebrate Life as our youngest will be backstage as her mother’s dresser, truly appropriate for all she’s done supporting her mother these past twenty-two months.  I suspect many memorable moments await the three of us tonight. ¶ Our hearts and our souls are the tools we use to show we care and understand this awful disease. ¶ I have no idea the level of jubilation I will have when my bride steps out onto the runway tonight in her leather and evening gowns – one thing I do know … we (along with those of you known as “Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters”) will certainly be “CELEBRATING LIFE”.


♥ ♥ ♥



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

  1. I can’t wait to hear about Bonnie’s runway experience! Marg and I were talking about her last night at dinner and smiling just thinking about it. Wish we were there to support her. Can’t wait to hear the details and hope to see pictures of that beautiful wife of yours. Love to all……

  2. What milestones last week! 24 years,more good results and a runway experience. I wish I could have been there to see it. Looking forward to catching up soon. xox

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