Time to Relax


Thanks Chuck!

One thing we all have in common is our love for the Peanuts characters created by Charles Schulz.  Mr. Schulz moved to northern California in 1969 and met his wife Jean when she brought her daughter to Schulz’s hockey rink here in Santa Rosa.  Now that’s a combination of two great things; Peanuts and hockey.  We’ll always have Peanuts cartoons to read while the NHL figures out a way to resurface the ice and get on with the game.  ¶ At the entrance of Santa Rosa Memorial stands a four foot caricature of Charlie Brown himself (the streets of downtown Santa Rosa is filled with these Peanuts caricatures) and when Bonnie and I passed “Chuck” we both rubbed his head for good luck. ¶ Our drive to the hospital was under a darkened sky lit only by the full moon above.  All good signs! We commented on how we’ve become “old pro’s” at getting up at the crack of dawn, showering, NOT having that first cup of coffee due to her fasting schedule and start the process for another procedure. ¶ Yesterday’s procedure; hopefully Bonnie’s last was her Oophorectomy. ¶ After registering and signing Bonnie in I read an article on Mike Tyson who now does his own two-hour show called “Undisputed Truth” where Iron Mike displays raw honesty, so rare and refreshing in a city [Las Vegas] of superficial entertainment often rooted in illusion while compressing it to an acceptable length that gets to the good stuff everyone wants to hear.  While reading about Mike I’m thinking about the three minute piece I will be presenting to a sizeable crowd (400+) at Sutter’s Catwalk for a Cure this coming Friday afternoon.  Although I’ll be following a heavyweight on the stage that afternoon; a gentlemen who has done wonders for raising money for Sutter; this article allowed me to realize if he [Tyson] can do this for two hours … I’ll have no problem with my own expose. ¶ The waiting room filled quickly and I was thankful Bonnie was already under sedation and as I watched the monitor above I learned she had moved from pre-op to surgery.  This gave me an hour or so to stretch my legs, and fire off a dozen or so text messages. ¶ I walked across the street and dropped off some disability paperwork with her other surgeon and then settled into an alternate waiting room where ESPN was on the television in the wing for Critical Care named after Jean & Charles Schulz.  An hour of ESPN highlights later I returned to the regular waiting room and the phone rang … “Paul?” … ¶ Dr. Logan informed me everything had gone very well and there was no reason to worry.  The two cysts found during her ultrasound last week will of course be biopsied, but there’s no further reason for worry.  Take Bonnie home and allow her to rest.  She [Dr. Logan] reminded me to now treat Bonnie as the tortoise in Aesop’s Fables; “Tortoise and the Hare”.  I acknowledged with laughter and we rolled Bonnie down to the parking lot where we’d both begin another journey of recovery.  How long will this last? There’s no telling … all I know at this point is she’s been through a series of bad news; biopsies; surgeries; further biopsies; anxiety; good news; support and with this Oophorectomy out of the way … it’s now time for our special girl to take a breather and simply relax. ¶ Simply put – she went back to work after her radical double mastectomy WAY TOO EARLY.  With encouragement and support, we won’t make the same mistake twice. ¶ I patted Charlie’s head on the way out of the hospital as well … who knew Charlie Brown would have been such a life-long influential character?  Thanks Chuck!






One thought on “Time to Relax

  1. That’s wonderful news, Paul! I’m so glad for you both that it’s over, and hope this will be the final proceedure. Rest up, Bonnie, and be well. love, W&T


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