Great to be Back

NO, I didn’t lose my fingers in a wood chipping accident, and YES it has been some time; 38 days to be exact since posting.  Perhaps the longest duration without providing any thought to paper on this page.  Let’s just say the past five weeks or so have been a challenge to the two of us. ¶ So what did it take to get me back in front of the typewriter today? Glad you asked. I facilitated a men’s cancer support group last night – the gathering was smaller than expected which provided me a wonderful opportunity to go one-on-one with the newest participant.  Cindi and I were able to share a few minutes with each other before our meeting started and I felt extremely comfortable exchanging thoughts and ideas with the gentleman who scheduled his time to share his thoughts, ideas and questions on the new journey he and his wife are on. ¶ I distinctly remember using the word “achievements” last night as I discussed the blog with him, and it turns out his wife enjoys writing so the first email of the day was sent to him with instructions for learning WordPress® and the link to this blog. ¶ It feels great to be back in the game.  In my time away it was nice to see readership continued and we can welcome Japan as the thirty-seventh country who has visited the site to who I say “乗り物に乗って歓迎” ¶ While the gentlemen of Aerosmith fill the office this morning with their lyrics to “Mama Kin” I settle in for one extremely long day here in the office before our weekend begins. ¶ Happy Holidays to all of you and here’s hoping for a year that brings us health, peace, smiles and blessed fortune wherever your travels take you.  Great to be back.




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