The Corner of Lost and Found

A little preface for this post since it’s been a while since my fingers have been on the keyboard for just such a purpose.  I’ve been living in Los Angeles since the middle of March … Bonnie and I are both fine, thanks for asking … this move was a professional one which involves a job with far reaching possibilities.  When the job was offered we both jumped up and down with such emotion never realizing just how far four-hundred and fifty miles really is when you just want to be next to the person you dream about, the person you regularly think about, the person that makes you want to be the person you’re aspiring to be … so one morning sitting on the corner after a wonderful walk (have lost 19 pounds since arriving … thanks again for asking 🙂 ) … I sat on the couch outside the smallest bar in Los Angeles known as The Harbor Room and watched the world go by and penned this little number in my head.  Fortunately I’ve still got enough RAM left in this size 7.5 squash above my shoulders to remember the words long enough to get them to those that I wish to read them the most …

I do apologize for my absence and hope you understand … for a couple months there I was just “lost” … and thanks to the support of my wonderful wife and two loving daughters … I have been “found” … hence, the following.


Lost and Found


Standing at the corner of Lost and Found

Watching the world, sights and sound

It was here a realization dawned

To games of yore where bishops took pawn

Long nights, bar fights and tabs to pay

A clock ticked on the future, little to say

Once I was lost and on top of my game

A wife, a home, children to name

Great times, travels, decisions, smiles

Newsprint shows five plus decades

Nearly three of them with my wife

It’s now I understand the games

Will have to wait, months of few

Where the corner of Lost and Found

Witnesses many without a clue

That’s not me any longer

My bride, my partner and of course …

The corner of Lost and Found …

Has made me stronger.


May 4, 2013


Keep her close,




5 thoughts on “The Corner of Lost and Found

  1. Nice to hear from you again!. Hope the family is all together again soon! Sarah and I are here back in the Apartments at Belle Hall – where it all began for Andy and me here in SC, while we wait for the school year to end and be on our way across that big bad pond to meet up with Andy Pandy and out two lovely pooches once again! Take Care Paul! Love, K–

  2. its great to “read” you again Paul! 🙂 missed ya!!!!

    p.s. I’m in Soldotna Alaska now, moved from Fairbanks (brrrrrrr!!!!)

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