Listen to Logan

I purposely packed a journalist notebook on our trip to Kona to properly document the entire eight daze on the Big Island of Hawaii. The notebook is in the apartment and to be honest with you, since returning to the states it’s been a chore to write it all down. It’s almost as if I don’t want to recognize the trip is over. I will tell you this though … the girls were texting Bonnie and I from their seats on the plane leaving Kona reminding us “the plane is leaving!! Where are you??” Neither of us wanted to leave and we found the best mai-tai on the island, of course the day we’re leaving, but I’ll leave that Kona entry for another day. ¶ Speaking of leaving … Bonnie and I shared a trip down Memory Lane late yesterday afternoon as she drove north from San Francisco to Petaluma. She had spent the last couple of days with Taylor and Logan, and yesterday she left “T” at her apartment in the Sunset District and headed to our home along the river by herself. ¶ How in world did we get this old this fast? Bonnie, Taylor and Logan made the ride along the Pacific Coast Highway to Arcada, CA and the home of Humboldt State University on Tuesday morning. Arriving on time and getting our young freshwoman all squared away in her new room, meeting her roommate, etc. Unfortunately, our trip down Memory Lane with each other was over a T-Mobile circuit nearly 500 miles away from each other. We talked about how quiet the home will be now with Logan out of the house, we talked about potty training her in an outhouse at Woodneck Beach on the Cape (no kidding). The girls and I spent every weekend at Woodneck Beach during the months of May through the end of September for three straight years (1995-1998). Logan was born in 1995 and became accustomed to the sand, the cold water temperatures of Buzzard’s Bay, picnic lunches, walks with her sister and all the joys of being a child right there every Saturday and Sunday. I never guessed then I’d be writing a blog about it some eighteen years later but the one thing Bonnie and I both agreed on … we did a great job raising these two girls. ¶ The world has been waiting for Logan since she took her first Polar Bear swim on January 1st, 2000 at Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. She was only five then, and you have to give her credit for suiting up for a wild and whacky event such as this. With nearly six hundred people running behind her, I had Taylor in one hand, Logan in the other and when we hit the surf a four foot wave completely swamped her. I still had a hold of her hand when the wave subsided and she was drenched with eyes as big as billiard balls! I can only imagine what was going on in her head. When I asked her if she wanted to go back to her mom she immediately said “YES” and back to the shore she went, but not before she qualified herself as an official Polar Bear! Some might question the validity of a true polar bear swim in the locales of South Carolina, but I’m here to tell you that we attended these events annually and the water temps were never higher than 47o F. Chilly for anyone and that crew at Dunleavy’s Pub on the island puts the whole thing together to sponsor Special Olympics so it’s a win-win for everyone. This is just one phenomenal memory about our little girl. ¶ We celebrated her 18th birthday on Kona which was quite fitting since there’s no way in the world I’d have ever been able to get through Bonnie’s breast cancer without her help. ¶ We have a saying in the house … “LTL” which means: “Listen to Logan” … no doubt her classmates at Humboldt will be learning that phrase soon enough! ¶ Time to dry my eyes, get back to work … I’ll be on a plane north tomorrow afternoon to find out just how quiet our home along the river has become.

Keeping her close!




2 thoughts on “Listen to Logan

  1. You hit the nail on the head, the thought of Cass heading out next year is a “real” reality now. Where does all the time go? You just about got me balling now, heading to the garage for some Strawberry Hill. Thanks for the words!

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