The Pearl in the Oyster

There are days I walk alone down Pershing Avenue here in Playa del Rey and laugh at all the traffic heading south after a hard day’s work. I laugh because my day had ended a few hours before and now it’s time to head down to the local convenience store to purchase a power ball ticket and then wait at the crosswalk to walk over to Hacienda Playa for a few beers, some great Mexican food and watch whatever sporting event is on any one of their dozen flat screen televisions. Due to my Boston sports related superstitions, I do not watch any Boston related sporting event here at the Hacienda as the Celtics got blown out by nearly 30 points by the Knicks in the NBA playoffs a few months ago; have watched the Bruins get beat by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs; so it’s clear in my mind I’ll have to find another local establishment to watch the upcoming MLB playoffs this SOXTOBER. ¶ I recently returned to LA after a wonderful six day stretch with Bonnie and Taylor. Bonnie’s eighth breast cancer related surgery was at Marin General this past Monday to remove a suspicious “lump” identified by her surgeon Dr. Laura Norton during a recent check-up. There is no such thing as routine surgery, so anytime I can have one of my daughters with me it always an added benefit. After Bonnie was carted to surgery, Taylor and I left Marin General and did a little sightseeing at Fort Baker below the Golden Gate Bridge. We returned with an hour to spare and that damn clock in the waiting room was not my friend this time around as the hands ticked passed 1:PM, and then 1:30PM before Dr. Goodman (her plastic surgeon) walked in to tell me how well her surgery went and the lump appeared “benign”. Anytime a surgeon passes along this assessment is always good news, I don’t believe a professional would ever provide that information just to put a smile on my face. As we learned on Thursday at Bonnie’s follow-up with Dr. Goodman, the lump was nothing more than fatty necrosis. Whew!! ¶ So now the “separation” in this geographical separation with Bonnie and I plays its card again. Her facebook status the other day “And now he’s gone …” really saddened me, though this portion of the separation is limited to only a few days. I’ll be in line at the Southwest Airlines terminal again on Wednesday, the 25th to return to her arms again to celebrate our 25th! Dinner reservations already established, I just have to remember to pack the directions to the restaurant. Insert reminder here!! We have visitors coming to Sonoma County to help us celebrate our Silver Anniversary, the “Polish Posse” from New Britain, CT will be in the ‘hood and we cannot wait for their arrival. Margie, Bonnie’s maid of honor, her husband Ronnie, her sister Betsy and Betsy’s husband Teddy will truly make this a memorable 25th! Life with friends like this is the pearl in the oyster. The laugh-meter will be pegged the entire time. More to follow. ¶ Thank you all for your continued support, your questions, your heart-felt concern and the phone calls during Bonnie’s most recent surgery. We’ll be in each other’s arms soon … twenty-five years later, oh my!!

Keep her close.




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