Boston’s Blood Brothers

The native Boston tongue has words akin to the region. A few of these words are only used in the New England territory and when you hear them outside those six states you look around to see if he or she who spoke them is wearing the colors of their birthplace, you know, a SOX hat, a PATS jersey, an ORR shirt or even a CELTICS jacket. Nine times out of ten when you hear the words “wicked”, “pissah”, “reeetahhhdid”, “ballzy”, or even a dual combination of these terms you’ll have a penchant for walking up to them and confirming where they’re from. ¶ The rest of the nation knows of these terms because oddly enough we New Englanders are prone to be the loudest ones in the joint. Perhaps it’s pride, or possibly we just need to be loud enough to be heard over that particular state just south of us. ¶ In any case, I used a number of these idioms last night here in Playa del Rey while wearing my blue and very worn SOX hat. The regulars at Hacienda Playa know me well enough now to know the reason I’m here – that’s right, to sit down, enjoy a beer and watch our boys from Fenway take on the Cardinals in the World Series. ¶ As I mentioned in a previous blog, my first Cardinals/RED SOX World Series was at the age of six. Forty-six years later I find myself on the other coast doing the exact same thing … running to find this game on TV. ¶ When the ninth inning concluded, I paid my tab, walked on home with a smile and received a text from a truly dear friend I’ve been fortunate enough to know since I was about eight years old. His text referred to the possibility of hoisting the World Series trophy at Fenway for the first time since 1918. Now that the whole “curse of the bambino” is over the entire RED SOX NATION (RSN) is patiently awaiting the arrival of the RED SOX to return home for games 6 and *7 (*if necessary). ¶ The text from my buddy started this blog as I usually write the premise in my head and then sleep on it, but then the stars aligned and you’ll understand how in a moment. My buddy Mark and I have known each other since the early sixties, we’ve been to Fenway with each other multiple times, been to the PATRIOTS/Oilers divisional playoff game in 1978 together and we grew up on Springsteen, Skynyrd and The Who. As I got ready to assault my pillow last night I fired up my IPAD to watch a movie and found the program “SPRINGSTEEN and I”, a documentary on how the fans around the globe feel about Bruce. A perfect way to end the evening with the SOX taking two of three in St. Louis with my buddy Mark on my mind. ¶ As a few of you know, I’ve pumped a few dollars into the Springsteen machine since 1975 and have been lucky enough to stand in the pit during a live show in Charleston, SC a few years ago, close enough to put my elbow on the stage and be on the jumbo-tron with Bruce right there next to my bride. ¶ The movie itself is hero worship in the most extreme sense with an unabashed sincerity to it raising goosebumps on my arm as I write this today. ¶ The stars are so aligned; I had to provide you a fitting set of Springsteen lyrics to capture the moment we in RSN are feverishly placed in right now. Hope you enjoy … GO SOX!
Blood Brother
We played king of the mountain out on the end / The world come chargin’ up the hill, and we were women and men / Now there’s so much that time, time and memory fade away / We got our own roads to ride and chances we gotta take / We stood side by side each one fightin’ for the other / We said until we died we’d always be blood brothers / Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away / Makin’ a fool’s joke out of the promises we make / And what once seemed black and white turns to so many shades of gray / We lose ourselves in work to do and bills to pay / And it’s a ride, ride, ride, and there ain’t much cover / With no one runnin’ by your side my blood brother / On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks / Always movin’ ahead and never lookin’ back / Now I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I feel tonight / If I’ve fallen ‘neath the wheel, if I’ve lost or I’ve gained sight / I don’t even know why, I don’t know why I made this call / Or if any of this matters anymore after all / But the stars are burnin’ bright like some mystery uncovered / I’ll keep movin’ through the dark with you in my heart / My blood brother

Mark – thank you (always) for being there when it matters most!
Bonnie – I love you with everything I have.
To the SECCEN Seven … you guys are the best. Keep the faith. This post and these lyrics are for you and the rest of RED SOX NATION!

Keeping her close …



One thought on “Boston’s Blood Brothers

  1. That’s right, Daddy!!Champions again!!
    If the world of professional sports is a river, Boston is the rapids!

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