Your Turn

“Words can help. Here are mine. What are yours?” has been the tagline for the “CANCER … WE “CAN” BEAT THIS!” blog since its inception in January, 2011. ¶ I find it hard to believe three years has nearly passed since launching a blog site dedicated to my wife, my friend, my bride, and now a breast cancer survivor with two-hundred and fifty-five posts on the subject. The original intent of the blog was to keep friends and family on the east coast notified of our challenges, and ultimately our achievements. ¶ The binary success of this blog has reached all fifty states and some forty-four countries across the globe! I remember early on after receiving the diagnosis when wine bottles seemed to be the order of the day, followed by a heavy dose of pain killers actually prescribed by her medical staff where weekends were normally spent on the laptop while Bonnie started her Vicadin Vacation; menus to plan, groceries to purchase, laundry to take care of and toil with the forty hours each week. ¶ All of that was over within a flash and here we are three years later with a very healthy, happy and beautiful woman who never once asked the question “why me?”. ¶ On my way into work this morning I planned this post to ask you this question … if you were in my shoes, what would you have done differently? I am asking you to write to me with what you’ve learned about breast cancer, care giving, parenting, and relationships after reading these posts. ¶ From now through the end of December, 2013 I am asking you to submit your thoughts in a word document to my personal email address to give your prospective on this subject. ¶ Nothing is off the table. I have no plans of closing shop on this blog, none whatsoever, and during the month of December I would love nothing more than reprinting your stories through this medium as a way of closing out these three past years. Thoughts? I truly want to hear from you. ¶ Sit back, think about it and send your work to my email address at: Words can help, these have been mine … what are yours?

Keeping her close …




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